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If You Can’t Talk To Your Guy About These 8 Things, Your Relationship Isn’t Healthy


In order for any relationship to be successful, meaningful, and long-lasting, both partners need to talk about things. If you don’t feel free to talk to your guy about your opinions, feelings, fears, and problems, know that your relationship is of very low quality and it’s very probable that it will break down soon.

Open and effective communication is the basis of any healthy relationship. Don’t expect that you won’t experience bad stuff in your relationship with your partner, but nothing of this can be solved if you don’t freely and openly talk things through with him. Some things mustn’t be tucked away and require immediate attention.

If you want your relationship to be healthy and last long, make sure you start talking about these 8 things:

1.Where your relationship is headed.

No one has the same goals for the future. Yet, when it comes to relationships, only the successful couples share the same goals. That’s why it’s important for you to make sure that both of you are headed in the same direction. You must know that your guy equally wants to see the relationship succeed as much as you do and will do his best to make that happen.

2.Your feelings and attitudes towards his family and friends.

It’s totally fine if you don’t find the people who are close to him lovable. The thing is that you must never fear he’ll fly off the handle if you tell him that. And if he truly loves you and respects your opinions, he’ll accept this without a problem. Yet, don’t think that he’ll feel comfortable listening to you while you’re criticizing or spreading rumor about them.

3. When you have a lousy day.

If you don’t talk about this to the person who you love so dearly, who else will you talk to? Oftentimes, you’ll feel the need to talk about how hard your day was at work or how disappointed you are with a friend of yours. And you must be sure that he’ll always be ready to listen to you carefully, help and comfort you.

4. Little, annoying everyday things.

Is he always leaving his socks all over the apartment? Or maybe it really irritates you when he leaves dirty plates in the sink and forgets to take out the rubbish. Well, these little annoyances can’t spoil your relationship, but if you want it to be smooth and without unnecessary stress, you have to make him aware of it. Yet, make sure you don’t sound patronizing and pushy.

5. How you share your finances.

If you want to be in a meaningful relationship, you have to know each other’s habits when it comes to saving and spending money. It doesn’t matter who of you earns more money. Successful and happy couples responsibly manage their finances. Unfortunately, just because many couples who live together don’t feel comfortable and avoid talking about expenditures, paying bills, and all the other daily costs, their relationship breaks up prematurely. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you too.

6.Your past.

We all have experienced both good and bad things in the past and unfortunately, many of us still have to carry some of the bad stuff as a burden on our shoulders. But your partner is there to make that burden easier for you. Both you and he deserve to openly and fearlessly talk about all the unpleasant and painful things you experienced before you met each other. And you must show you’re aware that your past has shaped the person you are today and you accept each other as such.

7.How to resolve the arguments in your relationship.

You and your guy fight, and that’s normal. It what keeps your relationship healthy and natural. Yet, if you don’t know how to solve your problems, the arguments can turn into something bigger which can be a lot more difficult for you to solve later. If he did something that made you upset and angry, don’t be afraid to tell him about it. He can’t read your mind, so, don’t expect he’ll change his behavior and make all your worries magically disappear.

8.What you expect in bed.

Last but definitely not the least. If you can’t derive pleasure and enjoyment from sex and your guy seems not to notice it, then you have to make him aware of it. Maybe he won’t feel comfortable at all when he hears this, but if he cares about you and wants to make you satisfied with both your emotional and sexual life, trust me, my dear, he’ll do his best.