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If You Love Her, Don’t Break Her Heart


Do you remember, she was everything you ever wanted: a gentle lady, a wild lover, another half with a shining smile, a simple woman who knows how to admire. And love. Strongly. Passionately. Infinitely.

These women happen once in a lifetime, my friend! She came into your life for a reason.

Don’t let her go.

If you love her, get back to the day when you met her for the first time. You couldn’t stop looking at those sparkling eyes that made your heart jump. You couldn’t wait to taste those lips red like forest strawberries. And you admired her honesty.

Recall on the time when you were making angels in the snow, playing like two kids, not thinking about tomorrow. Surrounded by happiness. Drunk of sincere love.

If you love her, don’t forget why you fell in love with her.

If you love her, accept her for who she is. Don’t try to change anything about her as she is perfect the way God created her. With all her strengths and weaknesses, wrinkles and white hairs. With all her perfect imperfections, she is created to give love and be loved.

If you love her, treat her the way she deserves. The way every human being is taught to love. Nothing less, nothing more.

If you love her, don’t make her beg for a bit of your love.

If you love her, show her you care. If you love her, show her how much she means to you. If you love her, dare to reach for the invisible, give her the impossible. Impossible. What is impossible for a man who loves?!

If you love her, love her because she is a good woman who loves with a mind, heart, and soul. Do it because she chose to love one man. She chose you.

If you love her, don’t make her regret the time she has spent with you.

If you love her, love her with a patience and devotion. Let her be the only woman in your life. Be faithful. If you love her, give her the keys to your heart. Open those heavy gates of your deepest secrets to her.

Be patient when she is having a hard time to open herself to you. She is tired to be hurt. When she gets ready to open a new page, be proud. Be very proud of her.

If you love her, don’t make her cry.

If you love her, learn something new about her every day. A woman is a galaxy.  Never-ending. Never fully discovered. Be hungry, be thirsty for knowledge. Go on that long journey to discover this amazing creature.

Let your imagination lead you. Let your curiosity bring some excitement and joy to your eyes. Like the day when you met her. Like all those starry nights.

If you love her, don’t treat her like she is ordinary.

If you love her, don’t break her heart. Don’t play with its fragile nature. This heart is still breathing. It’s still beating. For you. For everything, you have gone through. Don’t be the reason she’ll hate love.

If you love her, don’t let real love fade away. Real love is forever. Real love makes people grow. Together.

If you love her, never stop trying to win her heart.

If you love her, let her know you will never give up on love. Take her hand, lead her on the journey to the Moon. To the stars. To the eternal infinity of two loving hearts.

Image: Danny O’Connor