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If Your Woman Possesses These Admirable 12 Qualities, Know That You’ve Found The One, Scientists Say


You’re in a relationship with a woman you’re so deeply in love with. But, how do you know that she’s the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

It’s normal for people who are in long – term relationships to ask themselves at one point or another if they’ve found their missing half in their partner. For many years, scientists have been researching the serious issues related to love and they’ve tried to find out what qualities partners need to possess in order to make the relationship meaningful and long-lasting.

Well, as far as women are concerned, they have compiled a list of 12 qualities that you should look out for in a woman when you’re looking for a life partner.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that women should try to reach some impossible standards or feel bad if they lack some of these qualities. These qualities can never be forced or feigned and will help you decide if she is the right one for you.

So, if your woman possesses these 12 qualities, make sure you keep her:

1. She’s honest.

Honesty is the foundation of any strong and successful relationship. And honestly, who doesn’t want to have a partner who is honest? A partner who is always willing to tell you when you’re wrong and help you get back on track. A partner you can have an absolute confidence in because they have proved they deserve your trust.

Studies reveal that honesty is the characteristic men desire in their long – term romantic partners. So, if your woman has this trait, know that she’s a keeper.

2. She compromises.

When you disagree over something, your woman doesn’t put the blame on you or leave the conflicts unresolved. Instead, she’s ready to make sacrifices and gives her best to make things work between you.

Thomas Bradbury, the author of one study at the Relationship Institute at UCLA says:“As a relationship changes, however, shouldn’t you say at some point something like, ‘I’m committed to this relationship, but it’s not going very well — I need to have some resolve, make some sacrifices and take the steps I need to take to keep this relationship moving forward.”

3. She respects your boundaries.

This woman knows how important it is to have your own privacy and me – time. How important this is shown in one study whose author, Terri Orbuch states: “When individuals have their own friends, their own set of interests, when they are able to define themselves not by their spouse or relationship, that makes them happier and less bored.”

4. She is kind.

She is kind and generous towards you. The notable psychologist John Gottmann identifies two types of couples: Masters and Disasters. Contrary to Disasters, the former stay together in a relationship longer and share this characteristic: “They are scanning social environment for things they can appreciate and say thank you for. They are building this culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully.

5. She accepts your faults.

This woman loves and accepts you with all your quirks, fears, and annoying habits. You’re perfect to her just the way you are. Terri Orbuch said: “An optimistic approach will rub off on you and attract you to others who are seeing the world as half full.”

6. She supports your goals and pursues her own.

She has her own personal and professional goals to pursue but she never neglects yours. She always motivates you to achieve your goals and believe in your abilities and mental strength.

One study shows that in strong relationships, the woman prioritize the goals of her partner and moreover accept the goals of the other person as their own.

7. She doesn’t fly off the handle in arguments with you.

She knows how to keep her strong emotions in check. She doesn’t allow her anger to affect her way of thinking and behavior towards you. She communicates constructively and tries to solve your problems.

Researchers from the University of California Berkeley and Northwestern University have found out that when a woman calms down fast, the couple is more likely to be happy in the short and long term as well.

8. She has a positive outlook on life.

Is your girlfriend the type of person that is full of optimism? Is she the type of person you can never see this woman thinking or speaking negatively about her future, let alone about the two of you together? Well, if your answer is yes, consider yourself lucky.

She knows that having a negative attitude to life will do her no good and moreover, it can harm her mental and physical health. The psychologist Elaine Hatfield also supports this view by saying that when we spend a lot of time with negative people surrounding us, we adopt their mental state. And this negativity can out your overall health in danger.

9. She doesn’t hold grudges against you.

If you’ve found a woman who can forgive other people, make sure you keep her. One study has revealed that those who can forgive are happier, have a better physical and mental health and higher personal control.

10. She gets on well with her parents.

If you want to know how she’ll treat you later on in life, see how she behaves towards her parents now. Namely, Matthew Johnson, the author of one study explains that higher quality parent – adolescent relations predict higher quality of young adult romantic relationship as well.

11. She’s smarter than you.

If you’re searching for a partner for life, make sure she’s smart, or even better, smarter than you. This kind of woman challenges you and inspires you to learn new things.  

Lawrence Whalley, a professor emeritus of the University of Aberdeen, has been researching the issue of dementia for a long time and discovered that an intelligent woman can protect you from it later in life. His advice for all guys is: “The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life — but what he should do — is marry an intelligent woman. There is no better buffer than intelligence.

12. She does foolish things with you.

Does you woman go with you to parties and do things that most people usually frown upon? Well, one study has shown that couples who drank alcohol together enjoyed a high quality marital life.  Of course, this doesn’t mean the two of you need to be alcoholics to be happy together, but that couples who like spending their free time activities together are more likely to have a good quality marriage.