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If You’re Having Roof Problems, I Feel Bad for You, Son: 5 Most Common Roof Problems


Roof Problems? I Feel Bad for You, Son: 5 Most Common Roof Problems

If you’re a homeowner, you owe it to yourself to know what can go wrong before it does. Here are the most common roof problems to watch for.

Roof problems can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

A roof’s main purpose is to protect the occupants of the house from the elements. However, a roof takes the brunt of weather-related forces and requires regular maintenance.

A roof in disrepair left unchecked for too long can lead to much larger and more expensive problems. Water damage alone can cost a homeowner thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how long the home has been exposed to moisture.

Roof problems come in a large variety of problems from a large variety of causes. Fortunately, the homeowner’s insurance covers most roof-related repairs.

Here are 5 incredibly common roof problems.

Water Leaks

Water can turn a happy home into a moldy home in a matter of weeks.

Unfortunately, one of the most common roof problems is water and moisture leaking into the house.

Water can negatively affect a house on several fronts. First, if water soaks into drywall, it will most certainly need to be replaced, as well as any paint that is vulnerable.

Secondly, water left unnoticed in a dark, warm place can lead to mold-growth which can have severely negative health repercussions for you and your family. Not to mention, mold removal can be quite costly.

Finally, long-term water and moisture exposure can potentially damage the infrastructure of your roof, making it weak and even dangerous.

Homeowners would be wise to remediate water leaks immediately.

Moist attics can also be a place for pests to thrive, which can be a real chore to get rid of.

Old or Damaged Shingles

Another common roof problem is old and damaged shingles. Unfortunately, this is something that just happens with time.

Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against the elements. Rain and snow can potentially seep into the shingles causing them to warp or let water into the underlying structure.

In cold weather, water can get under shingles and freeze, pushing them out of place. Alternatively, a hot day with the sun beating down can also warp shingles on a roof.

Hail is the biggest threat to shingles, which can account for thousands of insurance claims in a town after a single hail storm.

Poor Roofing Installation

Unfortunately, roof problems can sometimes be caused by the people you hire to install or fix it.

This can lead to more severe problems down the road. For example, a badly botched roof repair can often require an entire roof replacement. 

Just make sure you hire the right people next time.

If you’re not sure what your home needs, check out this Arizona roof replacement guide to decide what’s best for you.

Poor Structural Installation

In some of the worst scenarios with roof problems, the structure of the roof has been installed improperly.

This is bad news. Not only are you going to experience problems such as water leakage, but you also may be in a hazardous situation.

Poorly done roof structuring will make it very difficult for any professional to provide a long-lasting roof.

Additionally, roof repair professionals need to ensure the underlying structure doesn’t need to be replaced, or the repairs won’t last long.

Inadequate Ventilation

Another threat to the structural integrity of a roof is inadequate ventilation.

A roof needs ventilation to allow warm air to leave and cool air to cycle through. If this process is not allowed to happen, warm air and moisture can combine to cause mold growth and rotting wood.

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

Our homes are our sanctuaries. We really don’t need something as simple as roof problems corrupting a place of peace and happiness!

We want our homes to be healthy and fresh all year round!

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