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I’m Not Choosing The Wrong Men – I’m Looking For Love In The Wrong Era


“You’re always choosing the wrong men. That’s why you have bad luck in dating!” – I hear these words very often. No, it’s not about that at all. I live in a wrong era – that’s the only problem. I’m the old school who refuses to adapt to this world, a world where people shout at your face “I love you” but rarely mean it.

I want to believe that real love exists. Unfortunately, modern dating is screwed up and after surviving so many crappy relationships, I’m losing hope about finding someone who will deserve my sincere love. My head is full of questions.

1. Will our eyes ever meet?

“Suddenly, their eyes met. Not a single word was exchanged. They were alone in the crowd and shared a moment of unexplainable joy. It was meant to be.” Now, let’s get back to the reality. I have no idea about you, but whenever I try to make an eye contact with a man, I fall in despair: they just can’t take their eyes off their damned phones! Hello, I’m here, look at me, please! No matter what I do, I feel I can’t compete with their lovable mobile devices!

2. Would you please stop hiding behind your smartphone?

If a man wants to be with you, he will ask you out on a date. It’s that simple. If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, he will be respectful enough to take you out and have a real conversation with you. No stupid messages. No calls. No cowardly ignoring and no hiding behind their mobile devices. A real conversation face to face. Is it that hard?

3. Can you just stop living in a fantasy?

Living in a digital era, we have the whole world in the palm of our hands. Or, we want to believe we have it. One click and you’re on the way to meet the person of your dreams. Carefully chosen selfies and amazingly written profiles: Some men just don’t want to be satisfied with some “fish” from the local rivers when they can throw the fishhook and catch something from the huge ocean. Wake up, the reality is calling you!

4. Has chivalry died?

I don’t remember: when was the last time a man surprised me with flowers, offered his jacket when cold, opened the car door for me or showed me his love … Nothing like this. I get lots of messages, likes, emojis and pokes, though. Where have the hell chivalrous men gone?

5. When did sex become the most important part of a relationship?

Nowadays, it’s all about sex, more or less. What about spending time with the person you like and getting to know them better? What about putting some effort to build a healthy and stable relationship instead of thinking about how to get in their pants? What about love?

6. Can you stop judging people based on their photos on social media?

So, you’re interested in someone and want to get details about their life? Social media has all the answers! People see the photos of the person they like, and everything is judged based on their physical appearance. No one gives a damn about the real character of the person. That’s sad.

7. Is honesty too much to ask for?

When I love, I love with my mind, heart, body, and soul. And I expect the same from others. I’m single because I guess I ask for too much. I ask for honesty, loyalty, respect, love, commitment. Obviously, to someone, it’s too much.

8. So, please explain to me: how am I choosing the wrong men and not dating in the screwed up era?

Image:Thought Catalog