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Indoor Team Building Exercises For Your Team

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Working as a team can be hectic at times. It can make you physically and mentally sick. There’s a famous saying: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So if you keep working all day long and don’t rest or go for recreational activities, you’ll eventually become dull. You won’t have the zest or energy to work; you’ll just try to pull it through. Getting involved in team-building games indoors not only helps you freshen up but also helps you be creative and learn new games. (1)

Indoor Games For Team Building

Businesses should often organize indoor games to help members be more collaborative and motivated for work. These games and exercises help in bringing individuals together. So keep reading about the fun team building games indoors that help team building.

1. Dog, Rice, Chicken

An indoor game that involves logical thinking and planning among team members. One of the group members will be allotted the role of Farmer, and the rest will act as villagers. He must return home by crossing a river with only one of the items. He cannot leave the dog behind because he will eat the chicken, and he cannot leave the food grains because the chicken will eat up the food grains. So how will he return home with all the three items? This is where the villagers will help him find a solution.

2. Talking in Circles

This game is very challenging, and the difficulty level rises after each task. So communication and coordination are very important among team members. The group will be asked to stand in a circle with a circling string. They will be asked to form different shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. The team will be asked to perform the task with their eyes closed to increase the difficulty level. To further raise the bar, one of the team members will be asked to be muted at different times. This game tests the guidance and trust in each other

3. Blind Drawing

This game involves listening and interpreting by simply paying attention to their partner. This game requires a pair, both of them sitting back to back. One of the members will be given the word or object, and he has to explain or give a verbal description of that thing without specifying directly what the thing is. The other member must understand the verbal description and draw the thing with his interpretation. 

4. Three truths and one lie

This game is very simple and can be played anywhere without hassle. The team members will be sitting in a circle with each person stating four facts about themselves, of which three are true and one lie. You have to fabricate a lie in such a way that it’s hard to guess and easy to believe in, making it difficult for others to guess. One by one, the rest of the team members are supposed to guess a lie from the four statements. Once done, the right answer is revealed. This game will help the team members to open up.

Bottom Line

Team building games indoors help the team members to come together and play games. This will develop trust and help to know each other better. As a result, realizing your goals and driving growth will become easier. (2)