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Inside The Mind Of A Woman Broken By An Emotional Psychopath


She was a woman just like any other. All she ever wanted was to be happy and loved. Yes, she believed in love. She believed that her love would last forever. She never thought that her “soulmate” would shatter her hopes and break her heart into innumerable tiny pieces.

Yet, it turned out that he wasn’t the guy she thought she fell in love with. All her dreams fell apart. Her spirits were broken, her smile was gone, her soul was darkened. Her world turned into nothing else, but a big void, a darkness.

Are you wondering whether it was her fault? No. She didn’t do anything wrong. She just wanted to be loved and respected. She wanted to be accepted and appreciated for who she was, with all her merits, fears, insecurities, and flaws. She wanted to be treated the way she treated her “Prince Charming.” But, that never happened.

She gave him her all: her heart, body, mind, and soul. She always put his needs and wishes first. He was her greatest priority. By trying to make him happy and emotionally complete, she lost a track of herself. She forgot who she was and what she really needed and wanted. She forgot who she was before she met this emotional psychopath.

And, you know what? Before she met this sneaky chameleon, she was the happiest person in the world. She was careless, confident, and knew her self-worth. She believed in the goodness of people. She was hopeful about her future. She had a lot of friends and enjoyed spending time with them. Her whole world was bright.

Yet, all this disappeared after she fell into the toxic trap of her “significant other.” But how could she know that he wasn’t the loving, kind, generous person she fell in love with the first time she saw him? How could she know that he would be able to deceive her and ruin her life? She never thought, not even in her wildest dreams, that he would play devious mind games with her and get under her skin just to grab and tear her heart apart.

She fell head over heels in love with him although the little voice in her head was telling her that something wasn’t right, that things weren’t as smooth as she thought they were. She decided not to listen to that voice because she knew if she accepted it, her entire life would crumble down.

When she got into a relationship with him, she believed that he was THE ONE. She thought that she found her missing half in him. She envisioned her life with him. But oh, she was so wrong.

Yet, she opened her eyes and woke up from her sweet dream. What she saw wasn’t pleasant at all. Her Prince Charming couldn’t pretend any longer to be someone he was not. His mask fell down, or better said, he showed his true, cruel face deliberately because he knew he didn’t have anything to lose. More importantly, he couldn’t lose her because she was so into him. He had her heart in his hands and could do whatever he wanted with it. He didn’t care about her feelings at all. He never cared about her too.

It was difficult for her to let go of him. She thought that if she offered him a lot of love and kindness, he would change and see what an amazing person he had beside him. But, all her efforts were in vain – he never changed.

He always put the blame on her.

If he had a bad day, felt nervous, or made a mistake at work, it was all her fault. He blamed her for all his wrongdoings. She was his perfect scapegoat. Instead of apologizing to her, or feeling remorse, this cruel man emotionally abused her and sucked the happiness out of her.

He had frequent pangs of jealousy.

Although she never gave him a reason to be jealous, he still was. He couldn’t stand seeing her with other guys, no matter if they were her friends or relatives. He behaved as if he possessed her, like she didn’t have personality, needs, wishes, dreams. He controlled who she hanged out with and where she went. He isolated her from the world.

He controlled her mind.

He always knew how to make her believe in things that weren’t true. He was so good at it. When she suspected that he lied to or cheated on her, he made her look like a lunatic. He made her question her logic and sanity. And, somehow, after having to put up with his BS every single day, she began believing that maybe she did make things up, that her eyes didn’t see clearly.

He only had love for himself.

This guy, who was devoid of all emotions, managed to love only himself. What she wanted, needed, and how she felt didn’t matter to him. The only thing he worried about was to be happy and content himself.

Yet, she learned her lesson and became stronger than ever.

She suffered and saw her life turn into nothing else, but pain. But, she knew that if she continued allowing him to take advantage of her and emotionally drain her, the situation would become worse. She was also aware that if she indulged in self-pity, she would never find a way out.

So, she cut herself loose from his damaging grip. She plucked the courage to let go of him. She regained her confidence. She started seeing and appreciating her self-worth again. She remembered the woman she was before she let that emotional psychopath destroy her.

She decided to fight for her goals and pursue her dreams. She became the master of her own life. She was a victim for a long time, and that will certainly leave many scars on her soul. But she found the strength to heal her wounds and move on with her life. She became determined to fight for her happiness and not to let anyone take her courage, worth, and happiness away from her.

Image: Mme Fleur