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Introvert and Extrovert – Traits of Character


We all tend to describe our personalities using one of these words –introvert or extrovert. If you always enjoy staying at home playing games sizzling hot spot com or watching movies, then people are likely to mistake you for an introvert. On the other hand, if you are an outgoing person who is always looking forward to going out with friends, then they will describe you as an extrovert. However, no matter where we fall in between these two, it is our personality that defines us. Being an introvert or an extrovert is simply one of the traits of our characters.


When you hear about a person being an introvert, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Possibly, your description will be a shy, indoor, or socially awkward person. Even though some introverts have such qualities, these traits do not describe all introverts. 

An introvert is simply a person who prefers spending his/her own time with his or her own ideas and thoughts. Most people confuse being an introvert with shyness when this is not the case. A shy person has anxiety and other negative issues. However, an introvert is happy to be alone with their thoughts with no negative components attached to them. These types of characters are not afraid of being liked or accepted by others. Common traits found in introverts include:

  • Introverts enjoy working in silent and independent environments. Some of the careers introverts may be attracted to include working as a writer, artist, graphic designer, or computer programmer.
  • Enjoy spending time alone: An introvert may prefer staying home alone to going out drinking with friends. 
  • Do not prefer crowds: Crowds can be noisy and too demanding, and this can be exhausting for an introvert. Therefore, they may stay away from large groups of people. 
  • Need time to think and reflect: Once an introvert interacts with a group of people, they may feel worn out. Too much stimulation can make them feel unfocused and distracted. As a result, they will find time and space to recharge and reflect.
  • Have a smaller group of friends: Introverts are not people pleasers. Therefore, they tend to keep their circle of friends really small, unlike that of extroverts. 


An extroverted person gains energy from things and the people around them. They are likely to be the person that enjoys the company of many people and knows a lot of people. Having a larger circle of friends means that extroverts have a better social connection. Thus, it is common for them to be found in jobs like public relations, marketing, sales, and other leading roles. Common traits of an Extrovert include:

  • They think aloud: Unlike introverts, extroverts say what they feel or think out loud. 
  • Enjoy being the centre of attraction
  • Have a larger group of friends
  • They are outgoing and enthusiastic
  • Enjoy the teamwork and spending time with people.

Whether an introvert or extrovert, it is essential, you understand that personality is made up of a couple of traits, with extroversion being one of them. Besides, being aware of where you stand in between can be beneficial to you as you get to understand yourself more.