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9 Most Common Character Traits Of Introverts And Extroverts


We all tend to describe our personalities using one of these words –introvert or extrovert. If you always enjoy staying at home playing games sizzling hot spots com or watching movies, then people are likely to mistake you for an introvert. On the other hand, if you are an outgoing person who is always looking forward to going out with friends, then they will describe you as an extrovert. However, no matter where we fall in between these two, it is our personality that defines us. Being an introvert or an extrovert is simply one of the traits of our characters. (1)

What Are The Most Common Character Traits Of An Introvert?

The first thought that probably pops into your head when you hear the word introvert is of a person who is shy, quiet, extremely thoughtful and reserved, and avoids social engagements. Well, you may be right about this up to a certain point.

Not all introverts are reserved and shy and avoid hanging out with others. In fact, no two introverted individuals are exactly the same and there’s way more to this personality type. The reason for this is that the unique character traits that make the person you are can be shaped by various factors, which can also have an impact on the ways introversion manifests in your personality.

The majority of introverted individuals possess the following personality traits:

1. They Crave Solitude

Introverts thrive in solitude. Spending time alone helps them feel peaceful, relieved, and relaxed. It helps them rest, refuel, and take a break from the stress they experience when socializing with others. Spending time on their own also helps them stay in optimal health.

2. Too Much Socializing Makes Them Feel Drained

Most people think that introverts don’t like or even hate hanging out with others and try to avoid this at all costs. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Introverts don’t have a hard time socializing. However, too much socializing makes them feel worn out and physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. For instance, attending a party with friends on Saturday may drain their energy, leaving them wanting to spend time alone the following day to rest and recharge their batteries.

3. They Function Better On Their Own

It’s not that introverts have a hard time getting along with other people. They are simply most productive when working on their own.

Working alone makes it easier for them to focus on the task and gives them enough time to reflect on their thoughts, ideas, and feelings and how they should approach the task.

4. They Tend To Avoid Conflict

Even interactions that don’t involve any type of conflict can be challenging and draining enough for introverted individuals. So, you may imagine how negatively arguments can affect people with this personality type.

Introverts find it difficult to express their opinions when they believe other people might disapprove of them and criticize them. So, to protect themselves from criticism and negative evaluation, they make sure they avoid provoking or coming into conflict with others whenever possible.

5. They Prefer Having A Handful Of Friends

It’s not that introverts have a hard time or don’t like making friends. But they simply prefer to have a handful of loyal, trustworthy, and supportive friends than being surrounded by a large group of acquaintances.

6. They Zone Out To Escape From Uncomfortable Situations

When an introvert finds themselves in a stressful, chaotic, or unpleasant situation, they tend to get lost in their thoughts in an attempt to handle the uncomfortable emotions the situation can cause them to experience. So, they simply allow their mind to drift to pleasant and relaxing things.

However, this tendency to zone out may make them appear disinterested, shy, or even aloof. But in fact, this survival mechanism just helps them easily handle uncomfortable or stressful situations, from arguing with a short-tempered co-worker to attending a crowded party.

7. They Want To Know Others On A Deeper Level

Introverts want to connect with others on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level. So, when an introvert makes friends with someone, they tend to watch carefully how that person behaves around them so as to gain more insight into their character and preferences.

In addition, most introverts are known for being great listeners and highly adept at reading body language and noticing emotions in a person’s tone of voice or behavior that other people tend to overlook.

8. They Experience Emotions Deeply

Introverted individuals feel emotions more deeply and more intensely than other people. They may also have a hard time coping with those emotions, which is why a lot of introverts suffer from anxiety and depression.

Feeling emotions deeply and having difficulty managing them is also one of the reasons introverts prefer to spend time with their loved ones as they can understand their need for solitude.

9. They Spend A Lot Of Time Reflecting On Their Own Thoughts

There are several reasons why this is so. One reason is that introverts want to make decisions carefully. For instance, they want to be given enough time to consider and weigh their options and process information. Another reason is that introverts tend to imagine and go through many scenarios in their minds prior to designing an action plan. Then, before making an important step in life, such as accepting a job offer or buying a new house or car, they prefer to do thorough research.

What Are The Three Positive Personality Traits Of Introverts?

1. They Are Great Listeners

Introverted individuals listen attentively to what others have to say. They don’t rush to judge or criticize the other person. Instead, they listen, observe from the sidelines, and think carefully about what they want to say and how to say it. This preparation enables them to hold meaningful conversations confidently without doubting whether what they say is wise and accurate.

2. They Are Trustworthy

If one of your friends is an introvert, make sure you keep them in your life forever. Having an introvert in your life means having someone you can always share your secrets and most intimate details of your life with and confide in without worrying that they might betray your trust.

3. They Are Independent

Introverts are highly independent and self-sufficient individuals. They see no point in depending on others to get their emotional or material needs met. Not relying on others for their own happiness and success makes introverts feel mentally strong and empowered since they know they can overcome any obstacle or hardship life might throw their way.

What Are The Most Common Qualities Of An Extrovert?

Extroverted individuals have a vibrant and outgoing nature, which is the reason why they are usually perceived as the life and soul of a party. They are extremely social and derive their energy from interacting with other people.

Hanging out with others, especially in busy environments, has on extroverts the same effect that spending time alone has on introverts. It makes them feel energized and enthusiastic.

In what follows, we’ve presented the most common qualities extroverted individuals share.

1. They Don’t Like Spending Time On Their Own

While an introverted person typically feels the need to spend some time alone after a meeting at work or partying all night long with friends to rest and recharge their batteries, extroverted individuals find that spending time on their own saps their energy, leaving them feeling drained, overwhelmed, and isolated. Extroverts recharge their batteries by spending time with others.

2. They Love Being The Center Of Attention

Extroverts enjoy engaging in social situations. They like being socially stimulated all the time. Interacting with others and being surrounded by crowds makes them feel energized. They’re not afraid of making friends or interacting with someone they’ve met for the first time. And unlike introverts, they seldom avoid engaging in unfamiliar social situations since they don’t worry about whether they’ll need to interact with strangers or say or do something that could make them feel embarrassed.

3. They Have Many Friends

Unlike introverts, who prefer to have a handful of loyal friends, extroverts enjoy making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. They like being around people who have a different energy from theirs and interacting with acquaintances, which they have plenty of. They simply make sure they use every opportunity life may offer them to expand their social network.

4. They Enjoy Being Around People

You’ll rarely see an extrovert decline invitation to social gatherings, such as parties, concerts, or weddings. Extroverted individuals feel like they’re their best selves when surrounded by large groups of people. That’s why they’re often described as the best organizers of after-work parties, weekend getaways, and other social events.

5. They’re Optimistic

Of course, extroverted people face problems and difficulties like anybody else, but what makes them different from the rest is that they don’t tend to dwell on their problems. When an extrovert is going through a rough time in life, they will do everything in their power to handle the problem. However, if they see that this is beyond their control, they’re willing to allow it to roll off their back without letting it affect their life. They know that many things that appear huge at the moment can be completely irrelevant just a week later.

6. They Have No Trouble Sharing Their Problems With Others

Unlike introverts, who tend to keep their own problems to themselves and reflect on them, extroverted individuals feel free and comfortable talking about their problems to other people. They’re not hesitant to ask for someone’s help when in need. In addition, they like expressing their choices and preferences openly and clearly.

7. They Are Flexible

Extroverted individuals are known for being highly flexible and able to adapt to any situation. They’re also very resourceful and innovative, which helps them deal with problems more easily and more effectively when they arise.

Unlike introverts, most extroverts don’t need to develop an action plan prior to planning a vacation, starting a project, or accomplishing any other important task. They like making spontaneous decisions.

8. They Have A Magnetic Personality

Thanks to their vibrant and outgoing nature and exuberance, extroverts easily attract other people’s attention. In addition, their ability to mingle and interact with people from all walks of life is another quality that makes them addictive and fun to be around.

9. They Have Boundless Energy

If you know someone who is an extrovert, you’ve probably noticed how these people often appear as if they never lack energy. They’re simply always willing and ready to go for a drink or meal after a long day at work, try new things, or embark on new adventures.

However, extroverts’ boundless energy can be their blessing and a curse as well.  It can be a blessing because it makes them interesting to be around. On the other hand, extroverts’ constant energy can make being around them overwhelming, especially for introverts. Additionally, some people can even envy extroverted individuals’ constant energy.