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Introverts May Be Silent – But They Are Not Doormats


Many mistake introverts’ silence as them being shy. However, introverts are quiet not because they are shy, but because they have many thoughts rushing through their heads. And their contemplative nature is actually their strength. 

If there is one thing that is true for all introverts is that they are less wordy when expressing themselves as opposed to extroverts. And their silence in most of the time can be falsely interpreted as them being shy, naïve, or not smart enough to contribute to the conversation.

Introverts can often get so caught up in their thoughts that they do not pay notice to the amount of words they are saying. Everything is perfectly clear in their heads, although they are not aware that oftentimes they do not vocalize their thoughts.

So, why introverts are silent most of the time?


Because of their quiet nature, introverts are often considered as meek, naïve, and mild-mannered people. However, this is not true. The truth is, introverts have way too many thoughts rushing through their head that they find it impossible to vocalize them all.

So, they would rather just nod along and smile kindly than engaging themselves in a lengthy and energy-consuming explanation.  And therefore, when introverts say something sarcastic that counteracts with the falsely assumed image of their mild and meek nature, other people are left astonished and surprised.

Introverts hate being called sweet and fragile.

Others assume that because of their calm and quiet nature they are not able to defend themselves when someone even slightly teases them.

But, trust me – introverts won’t stay calm, and they would defend themselves when somebody offends them. Even though they don’t like conflicts and arguing, they will call out anyone who hurts their core beliefs and values.

They can stand for themselves and have a warrior side that they show only in certain situations.

It is like introverts have two personas inside them: one is kind and quiet, and the other is brisk and sarcastic, but realistic. Introverts show their real side only to those they are comfortable with.

They haven’t got the time nor the patience to stand idly by when someone is manipulative or wants to take advantage of their ‘meek’ nature. They may be introverts, but they are not doormats!


No matter what your personality type is, being contemplative is one of the greatest traits that you could possess.

All contemplative people are strong because only strong people can perfectly know themselves and their minds and have a very cultivated sense of self. Those people can never be meek and fragile as they may seem at first sight.

Plus, introverts are just as fun and smart as extroverts! Don’t mistake their silence for being unable to dominate the conversation.

Finally, if you still believe that introverts are meek and mild – you are in for a lot of surprises!