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This Is Why Intuition Should Be Considered As Our Greatest Superpower


Intuition, gut feeling, sixth sense… you can add any name you think of to this gift that we all possess but not many decide to use and nurture in the right amount. We tend to underestimate the power of intuition in crucial moments, and this often leads to catastrophic results.

The truth is, intuition is a strong and very important part of our day-to-day life, in which we have put too much emphasis on logical analysis and have forgotten how well we tend to know things before we jump into analyzing them.

Our intuition allows us to foresee the outcome of many situations to which we don’t have any clear material indicator yet, and those who have listened to that inner voice can tell you how successful the estimation has turned out to be every time.

Of course, reason is a very important trait that makes us excel in what we undertake, but if you don’t combine it with your fast-processing and very powerful intuitive abilities, you can easily become so reliant on logic, that things will start losing their sense.

We often make decisions based on logic fearing that we might end up making the wrong decision. However, our intuition already knows the outcome of these decisions, should you listen more closely.

The most successful decisions have been led by intuition, and your best choices have always been the result of your intuitive power combined with your reasoning abilities.

This is what Katrine Kjaer speaks about in her TEDxHSG talk that you should definitely watch. Intuition is a superpower you should never underestimate. Dive in bravely and follow your gut feeling. You already have the answers.