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Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence


We all have intuition. As a women, me personally I have used my intuition in many cases and I’ve never been wrong. Intuition has also been studied by researchers.

The newest book written by Gerd Gigerenzer, “Gut feelings: The intelligence of the unconscious” proves this.

Gigerenzer, who is a director at Max Planck Institute for Human Development, says that intuition is instinctively recognizing and understanding the information which is needed to solve the problem instead of definitely knowing the solution of the given situation from previous experience.

In “Gut Feelings: The intelligence of the unconscious” he says that he himself is intuitive and rational. He believes that in his scientific work a gut feeling brings him the answer very often.

According to him, sometimes one cannot explain why something is right and it’s just the feeling that brings you to the realization.

Even in his private life, he admits that it is best to rely on your instinct. A good example is his first encounter with his wife. Namely, when he meet her, he recalls that he was not overthinking neither calculating anything – he just had a feeling.

One of his readers, Joy Boleda, asked him a question that intrigued him and made him tell this story. The question was: 

Gerd Gigernzer answered that his instinct tells him to say yes, even more when it comes to talking about people who are curious and seek knowledge and changes in their way of thinking.

Simply put, if you are waiting for an answer sitting and doing nothing just waiting for the instinct to give you the answer you are not exercising your intelligence. But if you think about and go over different possible solutions, than you are training your intelligence and your gut feeling will give you the answer to the right solution for you. 

Actually, many people think of intuition as a form of collective intelligence. Just take a look how web pages evolved over time. They used to be made of a lot of information put together on one page. However, today they are very intuitive to use and you can easily access the information you need. This way of organizing web pages was introduced by several web designers at approximately same time who selected the most important information.

Theo Humphries defines intuitive design as design that could be understood by most of people without any extra explanation for it. This makes sense. You know how most people find some objects easy to understand and others not?

Humphries, too considers himself a believer in the potential of controlled and well trained intuition. According to him, if you want someone to believe in your intuition you need to use your brain, think a lot and share your ideas and arguments with others.

On top of all, you should never be static and always be on the move searching for new things and ideas. If you are static and stuck in your comfort zone, no one will believe in your intuition.

Theo adds that intuition works better if you investigate more and when you stay hungry for learning and researching new ideas and solutions. That’s how you train your mind to be intuitive.

This is what Albert Einstein had said on this matter: 

Many times, we find ourselves in a situation where we have a bad feeling for something. These situations can be caused by someone who has influenced us, or by our side, as well. In these situations the only thing that can save us is intuition. If you have a bad feeling about something, you should never ignore your intuition, no matter how badly you need or want to go towards that thing.

Intelligent people always listen to their intuition. The biggest geniuses in history have never ignored their feelings, in fact they have always known what they feel about something and they have trusted their intuition.

That’s why they have better judgment in certain situations. They wouldn’t become the intellectuals they are and stand out above others without following their intuition.

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