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Invasive techniques to stop snoring


Nobody likes snoring. People exposed to its sounds get easily frustrated and stressed, while the snorers feel the effects on their health. None of these two groups understands each other, but the fact is that snoring is a source of many tensions and arguments. Let’s be clear – snoring is not that easy to cure. However, if you apply our invasive technique, it will produce the effect you need – you will stop snoring.


We will start off with some of the most common advice on how to stop snoring. It is believed that smoking cigarettes causes snoring. This is true, as the smoke passing through our respiratory organs produces irritation and inflammation. Swollen throat or nasal passages will reduce the air perambulation, which results in snoring.

The second cause is drinking alcohol before going to bed or taking sedatives. Each way, throat muscles relax more than they should. Complete relaxation narrows the airways, again, and the oxygen tickles the soft palate and the throat tissue.

Obesity has similar effects like alcohol as sedatives. The only difference here is that the fat lessens the space in the throat for an exchange of the air.

Solutions are pretty clear here – you should stop, or at least reduce smoking, avoid drinking at the late hours, and try to change your diet in order to lose some fat. It would be great if you are willing to do some exercise, as these would have great effects in removing the damaging consequences of bad habits. This would null at least some of these, taking you one step further to the goal.


Let’s move to the next phase of our invasive technique. Of course, you take care of the hygiene of your bedroom and your home. However, snorers need some kind of special attention when it comes to the bedroom. Make sure the mattress, the sheets, and the pillows are always clean, and if possible that they have antiallergenic properties. Also, vacuum the room regularly, so there is no dust or mites in the room.

Try another sleeping position

Sleeping on your back is definitely a bad idea, as it can produce snoring. This way, your jaw falls down, which opens your throat, so the soft palate and the tissue are more exposed to air. The air tickles the organs, which further triggers snoring. That is why you should try to fall asleep in another position, and if it happens that you wake up laying on your side, change it again.

Sleep schedule

If you started snoring lately, try to make a schedule for sleeping. Maybe your life routine got a bit messy so the fatigue causes snoring. Grown-up people should sleep for at least hours a day. Of course, that is impossible to “program” yourself, but go to bed around 10 pm. The later you go to bed, the more likely you are to snore.

Throat exercise

This type of exercise is different than exercising your body. This is an important part of the invasive technique, that is why we gave it a special part. Maybe you would say this is funny, but it would be great if you applied some of these.

Slide the tip of your tongue across the roof of your mouth. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Push your tongue to the back of your front teeth and repeat this up and down move for another 20 times.

When eating, chew the food and then lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth while swallowing the food at the same time. This will make your throat muscles strong.

Snoring device

If you still wonder how to stop snoring, then you should use a snoring device or a mouthpiece. It will help you a lot when it comes to snoring, especially if you are a back snorer.

As you can see, if you go step by step and apply our invasive methods, there is a great chance to stop snoring. Use a snoring device in each case, while you are improving the other habits in order to stop snoring. Good luck!