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Is It Love Or Is It Lust? 5 Signs You Might Be Confusing Intimacy With Sex


Sometimes we feel too much. We meet someone new and suddenly we feel like are head over heels in love with them. One look is all it takes to light that fire inside of you. And before you know it, we cannot keep our hands to ourselves.

There are fireworks in the air and the sheer excitement makes you feel like you are on 7th heaven.

But are you really?

Like I said, sometimes we feel too much and because of the intensity of our feelings, we often mistake good sexual chemistry with real love. Luckily, there are people who are not afraid to embrace their emotions. These people find it easier to recognize the truth.

If you feel lost, read on. These are a few signs that you might be confusing love and sex:

1. Your connection is based on physical attraction. Try to think of the first thing about your partner that ever caught your attention when you met them? Was it their kindness, their incredible sense of humor or their rock-hard abs? Your answer will probably help you reveal the truth.

2. You are only lovers and that is that. The sex is great, but you don’t really have anything else in common. You don’t really share the same interests. Plus, you don’t know much about their past and their life in general. If this is the case, it is obvious that there is nothing more than a powerful physical and sexual attraction between you two.

3. You spent most of the time in bed. You don’t really go on dates or do anything else than making love. In fact, you’ve never been out in public together. You mostly hang out at home. And when the sex is done, you feel like there is nothing else you could do with them. It is obvious why you are together.

4. The sex is amazing, but it somehow doesn’t make you satisfied. You make love and everything at that moment is mind-blowing. Your senses are intensified, your energy is going crazy and your desire is making you go nuts. You feel like you are out of this world. Like you are in a completely different dimension. But the moment you finish it and it all comes back to normal, you feel like there is something missing. Being with that person doesn’t make you fulfilled.

5. You don’t feel comfortable introducing them to your family. You don’t see a future with them. Plus, you are afraid that your family will see the truth once they see them. That you two are not really a couple. So, keeping it a secret seems like the best option for now.

Is It Love Or Is It Lust? 5 Signs You Might Be Confusing Intimacy With Sex