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Is It Normal To Dream About Dead Loved Ones?

Dream About Dead Loved Ones

When you believe in life after death, it is easy to accept as true that someone close to you who just passed is trying to reach out through your dreams. Then again, it could just as easily be you dreaming of the memories of a deceased loved one.

Is dreaming of a dead friend or family member normal? According to Third Eye Paranormal Society, although some might not have experienced it yet, that certainly doesn’t make it unusual. Living or deceased, our loved ones are people we think about often, so it doesn’t seem far-fetched that even the ones long gone would show up in our dreams.

What’s more interesting is the reason they could be showing up. Are you simply dreaming up a memory, or could your loved one be trying to send a message? Today, we’ll discuss some of the signs that it is, in fact, the latter that is taking place.

Signs That a Dead Loved One Is Trying To Reach Out

Sometimes, you wake up thinking nothing of the dream that starred your dead relative or friend. In such a case, you were probably just dreaming of a time the two of you spent together. However, if your dreams evoke any of the following reactions, it could indicate that a loved one from the other side is indeed trying to call your attention.

1. You Sense That Someone Is Looking At You

Many of us get the sense that a loved one who only recently passed away is watching us. When you wake from a dream and feel that you’re not alone, then it might just be your loved one trying to make their presence known. It could be their way of letting you know that they are looking after you and your well-being.

The feeling of being watched is usually disturbing, but not when it’s a loved one. When you sense the guiding spirit of someone close to you, you should feel safe and be able to go back to sleep easily.

2. You Experience Vivid Dreams of Your Loved One

Remembering your loved ones while awake is different from having vivid memories of them in your dreams. The latter could be a sign that they are trying to contact you. This is especially the case when dreams bring to mind an event or a thing that usually doesn’t cross your mind.

There could also be a particular part of the dream that draws your attention. In which case, your deceased loved one may want you to pay special attention to some important thing in that specific scenario.

3. You Awake Feeling At Peace

Waking up well-rested and at peace is a feeling unlike any other. It also isn’t something that happens often enough, so you could be wondering why you’re suddenly overcome with such emotions. Perhaps it was just your loved one’s way of showing that they were worried about your health.

Your deceased loved ones might also be concerned about how you’re coping with their deaths. For this reason, they give you a sense of spiritual peace that helps you better deal with their loss. You know that feeling of acceptance from knowing you will eventually see your loved ones again? It is that kind of feeling.

4. Your Loved Ones Appear Different In Your Dreams

Sometimes, your loved ones don’t always appear “in the flesh” in your dreams. They could make their presence known through a thing or an event they used to constantly remind you of when they were alive. Pay attention to these little details, as they could be a warning sign or a sign of things to come in your life.

5. Dreams That Seem Like Reality

Dreams that involve family visitations can sometimes be so vivid that dreamers have a hard time telling them apart from reality. Looking back at how vividly you felt, smelled, and heard your loved ones, you sometimes wonder if they really were there. When dreams have this real-like state, there could be some spiritual contact at play.

You immediately feel these dreams as beyond ordinary because of the emotions they evoke. As such, they often trigger the feelings of sadness or grief you once thought you had gotten over. Don’t take this as a sign of your loved ones reawakening your pain since they are simply trying to reconnect with you.

So, Is Dreaming About Deceased Loved Ones Normal?

For most people, dreaming about dead loved ones doesn’t happen very often. Sure, every once in a while after their passing, you might dream of them courtesy of an important memory. Certainly, though they won’t make a starring role in all your dreams. That said, you want to pay attention to dreams that are particularly vivid and evoke strong emotions. After all, those could be signs that your loved ones are trying to reach out.