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Is the concept of the “right guy” a dream?


All we want is to find our true love, but in this process, we sometimes end up getting lost. As a result, we get into relationships that are wrong for us.

How to identify the “right guy” from the “mistakes”?

To help you girls make the correct relationship choices we Invited John Santana from TheAbsoluteDater.com to share certain common signs that would help you to evaluate whether he is the right guy for you:

An anxiety free relationship

Relationships that take too much work, are difficult and frustrating. But if you find your partner making things easy for you, making sure that he needs you in his life and puts a lot of effort to make you happy, only then he is the right guy. 

Positive support and encouraging

Well, for a relationship to be healthy, both the partners must accept each other as who they are. So if he is supportive and doesn’t make you feel lonely and frustrated, then he is your guy, if not then he isn’t. 

Being a best friend

True love must be rooted in a good friendship. But if he isn’t your best friend, then things become a bit formal and boring after a certain period and you are bound to lose interest in him. 

Treating you with respect

True love involves a lot of respect for each other. But if you find your partner physically, emotionally or psychologically abusing you, then he is surely not the right guy for you. You must decide about the future of the relationship because there is no place for disrespect in true love. 

An undeniable attraction

The attraction is the most important thing that can hold a relationship together and also break it apart. Not necessarily it has to be physical all the time, but mental, emotional and psychological attractions are also necessary for a relationship to flourish. 

Does he give you enough time?

You both must be inseparable from each other and be comfortable with each other in a mental and emotional, physically as well as psychologically. Even little things like taking you to the doctor’s office, visiting grocery stores with you, etc. are enough to make you attracted towards him. 

Having similar goals in life

Yes, too much of similarities are boring but when it comes to goals in life, certain similarities are required to keep you attracted towards each other. 

Stays away from ego classes

Ego is the most dangerous weapon that can tear apart a relationship. A committed and sincere guy will never bring his ego in between his relationship, but if he does then he surely isn’t the right guy for you. 

Making himself available for you

The right guy will always be there beside you in both your happy days as well as tough times. He will be with you irrespective of the condition and the outcome.

 Involving you while making any and every decision

The right guy will be your partner, not a dictator. He will always take your suggestions while making a decision, no matter how big or small it is. That’s his way of showing you respect.

It’s all about your choice. A wise choice will hugely determine the future of a relationship. So choose the correct person whom you want in your life and avoid making a mistake for which you will have to repent in the future.