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Is Traveling Now Profitable?


Life after the pandemic will be utterly different from what it was before. This is an assertion many analysts have reached considering various changing aspects. Travelling is not an exception. Travelling was one of the areas that suffered and still suffers from the pandemic. People are now asking if travelling will continue to be profitable or they should just spend time playing some polskie sloty to earn more money. 

People travelling for business had so many opportunities. With the advancements in the travel industry in general, people can know everything about their destination easier. They can book their flight and hotel using their mobiles. They can also browse the many available options using mobile apps. Further, communication is no longer a big problem as it used to be. Even if you don’t speak the language of the country you are travelling to, you can still use intelligent translation apps. However, some factors affected travelling, making it in danger of being less profitable than before. 

Remote Working 

The work from home trend emerged in 2020 because of the situation the world was facing. Many businesses had either to close or to find a way to work remotely. Although many people thought their business could never be done online, there was a way to do so. 

Now, even though some parts of the world are back to offices, there is still a preference for remote working. Suddenly, it turned out to be better than the office. It is more convenient for employees. They don’t have to travel long distances to reach their office. Likewise, employers don’t have to spend much money on logistics. 

As for travelling, employers are in no need of business travellers. They can simply hire them online. This made it easier for them to recruit talents from anywhere in the world without paying travel and accommodation costs. So, people who are travelling to search for a job and earn money won’t have the same opportunities as before unless it is a job that can never be done online. 

New Technologies 

On the other hand, travellers who go to far parts of the world to take photos, explore things and create films, for example, won’t earn the same money as before. Now, new technologies as VR and AR-enabled people to see everything from the comfort of their home as real. 

Satellites and such machinery did the job instead of humans. They provide us with photos and images and even on-demand videos for the places we want to go to. Also, digital tours are now available for the most recognized places in the world. This costs people less money than travelling. So, most people will prefer this option. 

Yet, people will never stop travelling. In spite of the reduction we may see in travels, people will still need to meet together. Business travellers will need to conduct face-to-face meetings every now and then. Also, the transportation means will be easier and cheaper. Hence, encouraging more people to travel.