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Is vaping healthier than smoking?


Smoking is dangerous.  Point blank, studies have proven time and again the detrimental health effects of smoking.  Vaping is a rising alternative to the bad habit that is sweeping the nation.  The question remains though, is vaping healthier than smoking?  Long story short, the answer is yes, absolutely.  However, there are some factors to keep in mind.  Take note, that it says healthier, not that it is healthy.  If you do not smoke, do not vape.

The reasons that vaping is healthier far outweigh the reasons it is not.  First and foremost, when you smoke traditional cigarettes, you are inhaling trace amounts of thousands of chemicals that really hurt your lungs.  This does not mean vape juice is without chemicals.  The truth is that vaping is a non-regulated industry.  While most vaping liquids are simple flavor and nicotine mixed with polyglycerol, there have been studies finding trace chemicals inside vape juices.

The most dangerous of which is mentioned by name, nicotine.  This substance is highly addictive, restricts blood flow, is a mood and appetite suppressor, and can cause multiple health issues.  While cigarettes and vaping can hold relatively the same amount of nicotine, there is an inherent danger of nicotine poisoning by too much vaping.  Remember moderation is the key, just like chain smoking leads to early demise, chain vaping is not great for you.

The last major worry to keep in mind with vaping is the infancy of the industry.  The technology has not been around long enough to know the long-term effects of smart vapes to use.  When compared to smoking, there are very few definitive studies that show results.  Smoking has been studied for decades and proven to show how bad it can be.  While vaping may not be mapped out yet, scientists do know the long term effects of some of the chemicals and nicotine found in vaping. 

Other than these factors, smoking is by far unhealthier than vaping.  This compares across the board with the amount of chemicals found, the nicotine levels, and the long term.   When marketed as a safer alternative to smoking, they are not exactly lying.  Just do not fall into the common trap that many teens and others are falling into by thinking that if it is healthier than smoking that it is healthy.  It truly is not, especially when it comes to teens.  Countless studies have shown the negative impacts among young people with nicotine usage.

The bottom line is that if you have never smoked or used tobacco products, vaping is a bad idea.  It is taking dangerous and addictive chemicals into your body that could lead to health detriments.  If you are a smoker, than switching to vaping can prove to be a smart, healthier choice.  Ultimately, the goal should be to wean off nicotine and vaping entirely.  However, this works well as an intermediate step.  TL: DR, vaping is much healthier versus smoking, if you currently smoke.  If you do not smoke, do not vape.