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It Feels Good Ditching Friends Who Are There For Me Only When They Need Me


If you have friends who only have time for you when they need something from you, then you know how unbearable and frustrating this can be. Friends who don’t appreciate your kindness and honesty are definitely not worthy of your attention and love.

Friendship is a blessing, but unfortunately, there are many who don’t see it as such. These people are two faced and they care about no other person but themselves. They’re manipulative, selfish, and flaky. I want to be surrounded by people who are kind, generous, honest and who accept and value me for who I am. Life is too short to let myself waste my time on fake friends who know nothing about the true meaning of friendship.

So, I’ve started ditching them, and you know what? It feels so good. In this way, I get rid of all the negative energy and stress that their behavior always creates.

These are the 8 reasons for which I’ve decided to this:

1. Being a helpful and caring person can have disadvantages.

Your true friend enjoys helping and giving emotional support to you and they’re always willing to listen to your problems and comfort you. That’s the essence of true friendship and what I’m always ready to do. Yet, I don’t often receive the same things in return. And this is something which hurts me to the core. I can no longer stand when my “friends” text or call me only when they need me to them a favor. They never bother to ask how my day went or how I feel. This is something I don’t deserve.

2. I am not their therapist.

If they want to talk about and solve their personal problems, they can do that with their therapist, not with me. Yet, don’t get this wrong. I always try to do my best to help my friends out. I like supporting and encouraging them and I never ignore their problems. But some of them seem to know that I exist only when they need to ask for my help and advice. And as soon as they get what they want, they forget about me. Well, I’m sorry, but it’s not my job to sit still and patiently listen to their problems.

3. Perhaps I am the one who enables them to disrespect me.

After having to put up with a lot of BS, it finally occurred to me that maybe I’m the one who’s been allowing them to treat me miserably for this whole time. Maybe I’ve taught them they can always come to me when they need to hear some comforting words or a piece of advice. And as a result, they’ve fallen into the habit of constantly taking advantage of me. Well, my dear friend, this has to stop. My kindness and patience have limits too.

4. They are never there for me when I need them.

This is so typical of them. If I’m the one who is down in the dumps and desperately need to be comforted or encouraged, then all of a sudden, they have more important things to do. Ugh. How selfish and inconsiderate this is! If they don’t care about my emotions, why should I care about theirs?

5. They want to be the main subject of all conversations.

Yeah, they think it’s all about them. The things my “friends” talked about helped me realize that they were not actually my real friends. Whenever I tried to talk about my needs, fears, and problems, they started ignoring them and turned the subject back to them. This is certainly not something which best friends do to each other.

6. They want attention at all costs.

I noticed this when I caught them several times inventing things so that they can draw my attention. They pretended to be going through a serious crisis and needed urgent help.  But of course, this wasn’t true. And I certainly don’t need “friends” who are some lame actors to be part of my life.

7. My time is no less important than theirs.

In our fast-paced lives, every single bit of our time counts. So, why wasting my time on people who don’t deserve my attention. I never hesitate to offer them my unconditional love and respect but they never give me anything in return. I’ve decided that I must no longer allow these sneaky people to drain my energy and disappoint me.

8. It’s always better to have fewer but real friends than many but fake ones.

Do I need to say something more about this? The thing is that I know my self-worth and what I deserve. I deserve to have friends who accept me as I am, with all my merits, faults, and quirks. I deserve to be surrounded by friends who have positive energy and will know to value my kindness and unconditional love and I won’t settle for anything less than that.