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This Japanese Method Will Help You Quickly Get Rid Of Belly Fat


Fat burning is all about the intake of oxygen. This is because fat consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When new oxygen enters the body and it reaches the fat, it breaks it down into carbon and water, thus reducing it.

Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke accidentally discovered an exercise that helps just that, with very little effort. What he calls the Long-Breath Diet came to him as a back-pain relief exercise prescribed by his doctor.

After doing the exercise for a few weeks, he reportedly noticed that the ‘side effect’ of it resulted in losing 13 kg (28.7 lb) in weight and 12 cm (4.7”) in the waistline. And he managed to achieve this all in just 2 minutes per day.

This exercise doesn’t take too much effort but can be very effective due to the high intake of oxygen. It also helps you to strengthen your muscles and boost your metabolism. This is what you need to do:

  • While standing, push one leg forward and twist the foot a little bit outwards (for better balance). Do the same with the other leg, only pushing it backward.
  • Strain your buttocks and lean your weight to your back foot, by leaning your back slightly backward.
  • Inhale slowly for 3 seconds, and lift your arms above your head as you do.
  • Exhale forcefully for 7 seconds, and strain every muscle of your body while you’re exhaling. Making a loud sound while your lips are rounded (something like a vacuum cleaner sound) will help you exhale forcefully while maintaining your exhalation for 7 seconds.

Do the exercise every day for around 2 to 10 minutes.

Of course, every fat-reducing exercise takes different times to show its effectiveness in every person. This all depends on the person’s metabolism and body structure. So, don’t get disappointed if you don’t lose so much weight as Ryosuke did in such short time.

Stay persistent, eat healthily, and breathe deeply.

Via Bright Side