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Keeping the Romance Alive: 13 Must-Have Tips on How to Make a Relationship Work


Looking for a way to maintain the spark in your relationship? Here are thirteen must-have tips on how to make a relationship work that everyone should know.

Does it feel the days with your partner are starting to blend? Are you looking for a way to keep that magical spark in your relationship?

Studies show many people aren’t happy with their relationship. Don’t let this happen to you and your partner!

We’re here to help! We’ve got thirteen important tips to help you learn how to make a relationship work. Although every relationship is different, these tips can help any couple get back on the right track:

  1. Maintain Communication

If you want to know how to make a relationship work, start by keeping open and honest communication. Don’t lie to your partner and don’t try to hide things. Some people rely on white lies to avoid arguments or embarrassing confrontations but these only lead to worse situations.

This also applies to the good thoughts too. Share your passions, opinions, and other thoughts to your partner. Let them know what you think about so they don’t have to play a guessing game regarding your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Daily Affection

Yes, not everyone loves physical affection. Some people feel awkward about it. That said, you are in a relationship and this requires a level of affection.

Let your partner know you’re not into too much affection. At the same time, try to break out of the bubble a little bit. Even a single hug per day can help your relationship and there are studies to prove it!

  1. It’s Okay to Disagree

Relationships aren’t always about rainbows and sunshine. There will be days when you and your partner can’t agree on something. Sometimes, it’s okay to simply agree to disagree.

You don’t have to force your opinion on your partner. They don’t have to do it either. You can still be happy together without agreeing on every little detail in the world.

There are moments when you have to let one of you “win” and let their decision take over. The other person might not agree to it but going forward with a decision lets you overcome that argument. 

  1. Give Some Space

Couples love to do things together — that’s kind of the point of being together, right? That said, make sure you still give each other some space! Let the other roam free a bit.

This means you should let each other spend time with friends. Let your boyfriend or husband hang out and be geeks with his friends. Let your girlfriend or wife go out for a day at the spa with her friends too.

It’s important to spend time without your partner. This fights off the feeling of getting smothered in a tight relationship. No one wants to feel like they have to hide in the bathroom for some “me time.”

  1. Keep a Sense of Individuality

Does your partner love to play Dungeons & Dragons or video games? Give them time to enjoy their hobbies! 

Does your partner love hiking adventures or camping? Let them do it!

You don’t have to erase a person’s individuality simply because you’re together. Let your partner be who they are, even if some of those qualities clash against your own.

It’s okay if you’re into their hobby. You don’t always have to participate. But, make sure you don’t stop your partner from doing what they associate with their identity. 

  1. Be Each Other’s Cheerleader

Always try to stay supportive, even when you don’t actively engage with your partner’s hobby or work. 

Does your partner sing in a band? Even if you’re not a musician, support them!

Go out there and promote their music and gigs. Share gig schedules on social media. Make sure you attend their shows too and take pictures or videos!

Is your partner a writer? You don’t have to read their novel from cover to cover but listen whenever your partner wants to share snippets of the story. Read a few pieces and stay familiar with their work.

Showing support, even when you’re not a big part of the job, motivates your partner to keep going. It also shows you appreciate what they do. When they can’t find this motivation from the world, they should get it from you.

  1. Stay Respectful While Arguing

Couples argue. No matter how much you love and care for each other, there will always come a time when you can’t agree on something. There will always be a moment of weakness when someone commits a mistake.

That said, make it a point that you argue without resorting to physical retaliation or humiliating insults. You don’t need to hit your partner or call them names.

If you can, agree to have a “formal debate” strategy. This strategy lets one person speak for five minutes and the other has to listen. The listener can’t refute or fight back.

Once one person ends their turn, let the other one speak uninterrupted too. One of the benefits of this method is that it lets both parties hear the other one. Who knows, you might be wrong but didn’t realize it due to all the shouting?

  1. Date Night

Always make time for date night. You and your partner might be busy bees throughout the week so make sure you set one night to simply go out and have fun together.

This applies even if you already spend a lot of time together. There’s a difference between spending the days watching Netflix all day and going out for dinner and the movies. 

  1. Talk About Sex

Want to know how to make a relationship work? Talk about sex.

How important is sex in a relationship? It plays a major role in a relationship; it’s the most intimate method of affection. Hugs and kisses are important, yes, but nothing is as intimate as sex.

Get to know what turns your partner on and what they consider great sex. Learn about their kinks and fantasies but also study their limits. 

Don’t feel shy about sharing details. It can seem like an awkward topic to discuss but being open about sex can greatly improve your relationship.

  1. Supplements

Speaking of great sex, you shouldn’t fear or feel ashamed about using supplements. If you or your partner constantly feel too tired from work or if they have a hard time keeping their libido active, there’s nothing wrong with a little help. Some couples watch porn together or talk dirty during foreplay but this doesn’t work for everyone.

Not sure which supplements to try or which ones are safe? You can start with Viril-X. It boosts your libido and erection but relies entirely on natural, herbal ingredients. 

  1. Have a Shared Activity

Keep one thing in mind: you don’t have to love your partner’s favorite hobby. If they’re into black and white movies and you’re not, you don’t have to force yourself to love them too. Sure, make some effort to watch a few with your partner but there’s no law set in stone about it!

That said, make sure you have a shared activity. It has to be something you both enjoy and both can get a sense of fulfillment. 

  1. Patience and Forgiveness

Don’t expect your partner to change overnight. If they have bad habits or if they committed a mistake, practice patience and try your best to forgive them. It’s hard to welcome someone back with open arms after they hurt you, but doing so can strengthen your relationship.

Make an effort to walk your partner through the changes you want.

Say, for example, you have an issue with your partner not cleaning up after eating. Don’t argue with them every time they forget about their duty to clean the table. Stay patient, keep a calm and cool head, and remind them with a friendly tone.

  1. Shared Goals

If you do things together as a couple, make sure you have shared goals too! Don’t simply cook together or watch movies together because these make you happy. Set a goal that you both want to achieve.

Setting goals keeps a couple motivated. This especially works for couples who’ve been together for a long while. Things start to fall into a routine so adding in shared goals helps you work towards something rewarding and new.

These goals can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. You could try watching every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie before a new one comes out. You could decide to dine at every cafe in town, ensuring every date night is at a new venue.

Learn How to Make a Relationship Work

No two relationships are the same. Learning how to make a relationship work depends on the couple involved. That said, these 13 tips should help you get on the right track.

Of course, there is a lot more to consider when it comes to maintaining a happy relationship. If you want more advice, don’t hesitate to read up on our other articles right here. You might discover something new to spruce up your relationship!