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THE KEY TO HEALTH IS WITHIN: Reprogram Your Thoughts


Your thoughts are your problem and your solution

When people came to Earth there was no medicine, there was no institutions of any kind for that matter, so how did the first humans lived for so long, even approximately for 900 years and maybe more (as mentioned in the Bible).

If you can recall not only the Bible, but many ancient scriptures and texts do say that the first line of our ancestors lived for many centuries (each being very subjectively written who these ancestors were), but nevertheless the fact remains that they all lived very, very long time and another interesting fact is that none of the scriptures mentions illnesses of any kind (until people gone egoistic).

So you see these are all existing theories that most of the people have read, but never questioned. And an important question here is how all these humans could live for so long without any illness or ailment?

Now, how do we answer something that we don’t know? By exploring the things we do know. And here is the one thing that we know for sure, all these humans in the early epoch of our earthly existence had their Selves! So in finding the correct answer in “why there were no ailments back then”, we begin by exploring the Self and the human complex.

A human being is a three-fold energy complex of Body, Soul and Spirit. When one analyzes this energy complex, one can see that the body part of the Self is the most changeable. This means that your body is being constantly recreated as you grow up and it evolves directly under you needs.

And when your body undergoes all these changes sometimes it loses its flexibility, its energy, and the support system for your body goes bad. If now, we take into consideration that we have a Creator, no matter how you call Him or Her (we must come from somewhere) would you like to call the manufacturer to check what’s wrong, or you prefer going to a local repairman?

Before you answer I would like to make something clear. You see, there are two types of ailments: infectious and chronic. Now, those bodily ailments that are infectious come from external causes and then you must go to the doctor!

But those ailments that are chronic usually are self-created, and as the word says no one can repair something you have done, other than you! As the medical researcher say, approximately 70 % of all the illnesses in the world are self-created, meaning – they are coming from within.

Since the body is a manifested light which actually is your Soul and the Soul is happy, healthy and eternal, thus you body is pre-programmed to be healthy and happy as well. But somewhere in the process of human struggle for every day survival our bodies starts to become ill.

The illness, the ailment is a big and unfortunately the last warning sign that our body gives us so we can wake up and see that something is going very wrong. So as I wrote above, for all the diseases produced by external causes we should consult a doctor, but the doctor is of no use when the problem is self-created.

The doctor can surely prescribe you something, ease your pain, but he can never feel your inner pain, your anger, he can’t help you to get rid of the source of your suffering, he is not you. Only you know why you suffer.

Even if you don’t recognize the source of your problems right away, the moment you stop thinking you can hear the Silence speaking to you and you shall see the real cause of all your suffering. Remember – the main actor here is you!

And since you alone are in the center of all your problems you must find out exactly which part of you creates the suffering. If you think about it, you’ll see it is none other than your own thoughts! Our thoughts are our main problem. We are what we think. I’ll explain: since all is energy, the thought is also energy and what the energy does?

It vibrates until it manifest itself in whatever you have directed it. So here is the main crossroad where most of the people make wrong turns. We start directing our thought toward the things we don’t want to experience. And this is wrong.

The point is that when you think a negative thought you unconsciously direct the whole energy you have, toward a bad result! So stop doing this and start redirecting your thought energy toward the things you do want to happen and to have in your life.

The problem is not in the part what you don’t or do want to happen, but the point is in the amount of energy you put into the thought you sent into the Universe. And since Angels never were humans, they don’t know the difference between ”I want” or “I don’t want”, they only see and feel the amount of energy you sent and they deliver what you’ve asked for. So it is simple logic, send the thought you do want to manifest!

And please try not to think negative if you can’t think positive! That’s all there is.

Remember – change your thoughts and your life will change too.