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The Key To Understand The Woman With A BIG HEART And A DIRTY MIND


We all probably know a woman who can say a dirty thing shamelessly. A woman who is not disturbed nor intimidated by nasty comments and sexual jokes with the guys, but rather she enjoys every part of it.

She has a dirty mind, and she is not afraid to speak it. However, her complex personality goes far beyond having a dirty mind.

When she loves, she loves deeply. She loves without holding herself back, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. Her big heart is filled with compassion and care that everything she does, she does it with love.

A woman that is a walking contradiction like this, spends her entire life searching for a balance between her big heart and her dirty mind.

But, a dirty mind is not a bad thing per se. In fact, it can be an indicator to a sharp and brilliant mind, according to Ed Cooke, called the Grand Master of Memory. He studied psychology at Oxford University and has earned the title by the age of 23.

So, how can a dirty mind help you to sharpen your memory?

According to Cooke, the “taboo thoughts” stand out and grab your attention faster thus training your mind’s ability to recall them in the future.

This woman with a big heart and a dirty mind is a real catch! Loving, fun, compassionate, and in touch with her sexuality.

She shares her sexual desires openly and is always up for trying new and exciting things. On the other hand, her big loving heart makes her careful while choosing her partner. She knows what she wants in a partner, so she is never involved in a string of casual hookups. She wants a man capable for satisfying both her sexual and emotional desires.

Unfortunately, she gets torn between her sexual desires and her dreams of her big wedding day in her perfectly white wedding dress. This makes her feel confused at times, and questioning her self-worth and slowly tearing herself down emotionally.

People around her can even make her situation worse by judging her actions, and not understanding the conflicting thoughts that happen in her head.

But, the day will come when she finally meets someone who understands her complex nature.

And then, all the scattered puzzle pieces would fall into place. He will nurture her heart and her body, making her feel wanted and cared for at the same time.