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Keylogger for iPhone: New Feature for iKeyMonitor


The iKeyMonitor, undoubtedly one of the best currently available in addition to being now compatible with the Nougat Android version, has just added a new feature.

The Keylogger for iphone is now functional on all iOS devices.

This new feature will record all key input on the keyboard even if what has been written is ultimately not sent.

A Keylogger for Iphone, what is it?

The Keylogger for iphone option is free for all customers with a Premium or Extreme subscription.

This feature will record absolutely anything typed on the keyboard in applications supported by spyware.

Save all, that means both messages, emails, but also passwords and other identifiers and even the text that has been deleted.

Keylogger for iphone is therefore very useful for both parents and employers. The option allows you to know at a glance the actual use of an application, what was said or not.

How does such an option work?

Whenever a key is typed into a supported application, for example Facebook, WhatsApp, Line or SMS, the Keylogger for iphone option records typing. All keystrokes are then listed in a dedicated file sent to your online account.

In addition, a search function is also incorporated. Just enter the selected keyword, the filter will then sort all the data to give you the relevant information you are looking for.

What is the utility for the Keylogger option?

What is the use of such an option? Here are some uses.

For employers, the Keylogger for iphone option ensures that employees do not violate professional secrecy. The option makes it possible to ensure that the confidential information is not disclosed, at least not in this way.

For parents, the option will monitor their child’s activity on the web. Excellent for knowing the content of their conversation. Essential to ensure that they communicate appropriately.

Excellent for checking that they do not come into contact with strangers and start telling nonsense. Essential to protect them from many threats. With Keylogger, parents can respond quickly if the need arises.

The Keylogger function for iPhone is very useful for personal use. The feature will indeed allow to save his own passwords and identifiers in a secure way.

Not always easy indeed to hold them all. Better, in case of disputes with a customer or supplier, keep what has been seized can be very useful.

Finally, since the deleted and finally non-sent texts are also recorded, you can know the ulterior motives. What your children or collaborators would have liked to say but did not dare