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Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life


Life is what you make of it. You have but one life to live so it’s in your best interest to make the most of it. Engaging in bad habits like doing drugs can lead to a reckless lifestyle that’s hard to recover from. Thankfully, you are in control of your life and the decisions you make.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Everyone has something that they do or partake in that is preventing them from achieving their goals. For some it’s overspending, buying items without giving any thought to how much they spend resulting in high amounts of debt.

For others, it’s a potentially life-threatening addiction to drugs or alcohol that can alter their personality and cause them to do things, that if in the right state of mind, they would not. The good news is that anyone can get help. There are facilities all over the country such as men’s and women’s rehab centers that specialize in treating not only the addiction but also the underlining cause.

Make the Most of Every Day

Each day that you awake is a blessing. Even if things don’t always go as you plan, take it in stride. People who are happier tend to live longer because they focus on what’s good around them versus the bad. Negativity can cripple you and cause you to miss living. Instead, embrace each day by getting up early, eating healthy foods and doing things you and your family enjoy, together.

Remain Active

During your school years, you had gym class as part of the curriculum. However, many people don’t do any physical activity once they graduate high school or college. Remaining active not only improves your health but also your body and your mind. Getting ample exercise daily through a long walk or a high-impact workout keeps the mind sharp and focused, which transfers over to the job and increases your patience when it comes to your children. In simple terms, when you feel good you are at peace, a sense of calm comes over you and you can handle most anything that comes along.

Family Vacations

Vacations offer a wonderful way to strengthen the family bond. Since you have no pending deadlines or other distractions, you can relax and unwind and enjoy the time together. It’s also a fantastic way to experience new places and carry cherished memories with you forever. Make it a point to take a few vacations or weekend getaways with your family each year.


Don’t underestimate the benefits of getting enough sleep. Your body requires rest to remain at 100 percent. When you lose sleep or don’t get enough rest, even for a few days, you feel tired, unfocused and cranky. You can also put yourself at risk for getting more colds, due to a compromised immune system and even diseases like cancer and type 2 diabetes. When you aren’t alert you may have trouble functioning on the job or driving behind the wheel.

Sustaining a happy and healthy life is easier than you can imagine. By making a few changes to your current lifestyle and incorporating positive thinking, exercise, rest and quality family time, you will feel good in both your body and your mind.