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What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries: The Straightforward

You bring your no-bullshit policy and attitude anywhere you go and in every situation. From your work environment to your private, dating world, people who know how to appreciate your honesty are magnetically drawn to you.

Your moodiness counters your pragmatic nature and it can really create confusion among your partners. But once you hook up with that one who can tune into your vibe, your ride-or-die nature starts to shine.

However, your partners will do anything to avoid fighting with you, as you take it to the next level. You go all out and there are no limits when you are pissed off. The intensity is something rarely who can deal with.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: You notice each other across the room and lock eyes instantly – the intense sexual tension leads one thing to another and you quickly become inseparable.

Most Aries-y breakup: You become fed up with their petty dramas they won’t shut up about, and you just dump them wherever… You realize that you don’t need that kind of person and you are already over it.


Taurus: The Rational

Your practical nature reflects your dating habits. Your risk-free attitude never allows you to mess with the wrong people and end up in toxic relationships. You wouldn’t bother getting to know someone who is checking you out if you already knew someone who is really interested in you.

And you don’t really care about chemistry, and you would very much prefer to notice that guy who has been asking you out for the last three months.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: Dunno, they kinda stuck around long enough to break you down.

Most Taurus-y breakup: After carefully considering your pro and con list, you finally decide that all that long and tepid dating is something you will there and then. 


Gemini: The Adventuresome

You are super easy going and this is what makes you most attractive to those around you. It’s probably because of this that most of your relationships have evolved from platonic to more physical.

You are very fun to date because your date ideas are not something many would come up with. Mini golf? A film festival you are sure no one under 55 would attend? Sure! Absolutely!

People perceive you as someone who is extremely confident, even though you may not be feeling that way all the time, so people sometimes confuse your nervousness with sarcasm.

Your adventurousness and creativity are what makes your partner adore you, but your indecisiveness could easily annoy the sh*t out of some people.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: After years of orbiting each other’s friend circles, it finally hits you that that is the one you’ve been looking for. You don’t hesitate to suggest the first date, and after an hour of your superb conversational skills and irresistible charm, you have them tied around your little finger.


Most Gemini-y breakup: They suggest moving in together, and you can’t really decide whether you want to or not. So, after some thinking and consulting with 18 of your dearest friends, it pops to you that you weren’t that much into them to begin with.


Cancer: The Piquant

You can be a really tough as a partner, and you can’t accept it easily when someone is into you (even when it’s very obvious), which leads to most of your problems. You are most in your element when you’re with people who are on your wavelength, but you should be careful not to end up with a carbon copy of yourself. All that pessimism won’t be healthy at all in the long run, even if it may feel very validating to find someone hating the world the same way you do.

Dating you is a hell of a ride, considering your ability to intensely connect with people, and that is a real turn-on for many. Also, sex with you is, in one word, fantastic. But your biggest enemies are your insecurities and your quick-to-react nature, which can cut off some very good relationships.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: Sulking together somewhere in the corner of a party and hating the same pretentious people, which soon lights up the chemistry between you and turns into love. You don’t give it too much of a brag to your friends, but that ‘whatever’ changes when they see you lighting up when they text you.

Most Cancer-y breakup: They propose marriage to you and you’re like, “Wait, as a friend, right?”


Leo: The Star of the Show


Not that you really wanted to read this, but you’ve been tagged by your friends and here you are! You are a real star, and you aren’t afraid to show it. This magnetic disposition of yours makes so many quickly fall for you.

And you don’t waste your time playing games with them. If someone really likes you, they better show it in a way that everyone will remember! You’d prefer a proposal that remains the talk years after, that will go viral – a wedding that will earn its spot in the tabloids – you get it.

Once someone has earned your attention, you go on to show them what loyalty and affection really mean. And you are quite the flirt with your amazing conversational skills and a real party animal.

Your weak spot is when someone says you’re self-centered, and this will be a problem for whoever said it. But what if you are? You have no problem asking people what they think of you and you don’t have a problem doing that all the time, so it’s no surprise.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: They couldn’t help but notice you and then keep looking at the photos you’ve been tagged in, until they finally got the guts to ask you out.

Most Leo-y breakup: You ended up being late to their Big Event because you lost track of time while taking selfies and obsessing over your Twitter mentions.


Virgo: The Martyr

Your hard-working nature and your tendency to really do your best is what makes your partners fall for you. Your methodical approach to things is especially shown in your love life, and your partners love your sensibility and matureness.

However, you often fear that you may be a bit boring and that you should be a little more spontaneous. But there’s nothing to worry about! In the end, your mate is with you and chose to be with you (you certainly didn’t chase them!).

But your martyr-like intensity in everything you do for your partners will be something many cannot measure up to, and you will eventually end up feeling disappointed. You need to control your tendency to put yourself last and immerse yourself into things you don’t really have to overdo.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: You caught them Snapchatting the same “Scrub Daddy” display you were Snapchatting at the local Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Most Virgo-y breakup: They brought in their friends, who invaded your private space, disrespected it, left a mess behind, and you couldn’t recover from all that.


Libra: The Un-Self-Aware

You need to wake up and stop dating partners so beneath yourself. And you also need to stop apologizing to them all the time. Your tendency to assume that you’re always in the wrong is something many will exploit.

The truth is that you must learn to stand up for yourself and learn that you can’t allow everyone to step over you. While being non-confrontational is good with the right partner, not everyone is the right partner, and they will use this to their own ends.

You possess an amazing charm and a sharp wit that will easily sweep anyone off their feet, so it’s really a wonder how you always feel like you’re in the wrong.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: He kept on ignoring you until he didn’t and now you’re head over heels for each other.

Most Libra-y breakup: You think that you are definitely with ‘the one’until some billionaire catches your attention and you are surprised to find out that you are actually interesting. Anyway, you later dump that fellow for Jake Gyllenhaal, so whatever.


Scorpio: The Stormy


It’s fun to date a Scorpio if you want to explore your masochist side. Haha, joking! But you get the message. Everyone will say that you are one of the best. And yes, you may at first feel skeptical about all of your partner’s friends, but it’s only because you don’t want them dragging your mate with the wrong people.

You are well aware of your intensity, which can be even too much for some people. However, you aren’t afraid to put a lot of hard work in everything you do. This intensity is what makes your partners realize that you are the best in bed, and you are very proud of it.

Your exes are literally scared to the bone by the thought of you.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: You roasted them ruthlessly on Twitter and it went viral.

Most Scorpio-y breakup: You wake up in the morning to find that you’ve been blocked by them literally from everything.


Sagittarius: The Firecracker


A real firecracker! You are well known for your humor and great charm. In fact, you are by far the funniest one in the group and this along with your charm bring out the sexiest in you.

You choose to always see the best in others, which while it’s good it can also be a bit unrealistic. I mean really, if someone has been a real asshole three times, it probably says something like, they will be an asshole again.

And another thing: you should really stop trying to befriend your exes.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: You crack them up with a funny joke while you’re both struggling with a hard-to-open wine bottle at a party.

Most Sagittarius-y breakup: While searching through their likes tab on Twitter for a meme that you both laughed your brains out, you accidentally notice that they’ve been liking selfies of their ex.


Capricorn: The Mature

Your high sense of responsibility makes you the mom figure in your friend group, and frankly, the one who is in charge in any of your relationships. You just can’t help it! And you do want to be large and in charge.

Your partners love your self-confidence and the trust you put into your relationship. And you are ready to do just about anything for your partner – they just need to mention it, and you are already two steps ahead of it.

It can be a bit difficult for your partner to withstand your snobby and pessimistic side, which can pop out from time to time, but once you get with someone who is on your level (…or, well, close enough) it all becomes a smooth ride.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: You notice them having a hard time choosing between two books by the same author and you know that person is problematic. However, you get to talk about the whole of it together and you kind of hit it off from there.


Most Capricorn-y breakup: You wake up one day and it pops to you: “I can do better.”


Aquarius: The Autonomous

Most of your partners don’t get it: you need your space and there’s nothing you can do about it. But other than that, your deeply caring nature, vigorous loyalty, and endless support make up for your great quality as a partner. However, you won’t waste your time on scrubs. They are canceled the moment they do a wrong step that would piss you off.

And, you are, like really, crazy in bed.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: They were most probably already in love with you, for as long as you can remember, and after an extremely deep and woke conversation it finally hits you that they could most likely be your soulmate.

Most Aquarius-y breakup: You suddenly disappear from their lives.


Pisces: The Hypersensitive


It’s very sad to realize that all that compassion and love you are able to give is wasted on the jerks you tend to date. It’s probably a good idea to start listening to your friends when they tell you these things about your next squeeze – they’re just trying to protect you.

Your artistic and gentle nature shines the brightest when you get together with someone who knows how to truly appreciate your sensitivity and emotions – and also those Indie slammers you have compiled.

What your partners love most about you is your artistic ability and interests, and the fact that you never cease to amaze them by first introducing them to something new. Your heart is filled with compassion and kindness and you always make people feel good about themselves.

How you’ll meet your soulmate: After both commenting on Instagram photos of a tattoo artist you admire, you start following each other, and one thing leads to another.

Most Pisces-y breakup: You get cheated on, they swear they won’t do it again, you take them back, they don’t change.


Source: Cosmopolitan