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Do You Know What MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL? Here’s How To Find Out:


There is a beautiful quotation that goes like this: “yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I am changing myself”. I know that most of you have stumble upon this quotation before, thought it was really deep and so true… but that’s all.

The problem is that we all like to read positive and inspiriting quotes, wonderful stories that soften our heart, but that’s the problem – we only like to do this and very rarely implement the same wisdom that we read about it.

How many times we have read a perfect book, traveled into these beautifully described places that the author presents to us, and when the reading is over we don’t want to return to our reality.

We just don’t want to put the book down and go back to our gray reality once again. But since this grayness, this undercover pain is our life we have to continue living it…or do we?

Most of us always say: “I want to be happy, I want to get a well paid job, to live in abundance…and so on” and then we do absolutely nothing about it.

Out there are many people that are suffering from depression in really heavy forms, people that suffer from panic attacks on daily basis who have so low self-esteem that unfortunately for the Soul they inhabit, they leave this beautiful Earth sooner than they should.

Almost all psychopathological disorders that humanity knows and has, have their root in the low, or total absence of self-esteem.

And I ask you why you deliberately put yourself at the bottom so someone else could be in that place, in that relationship that you have so dearly wanted.

Why do you make such sacrifices? Is this done so you could label yourself as a good person, or to get some kind of reward from the humans or from the Heavens?

Let me tell you that the Universe has given you a wonderful Soul to protect and she is your responsibility, not the others around you. They all have their own destiny, their own Soul that they alone must take care of. You have already someone to be caring for, why do you take so heavy burden upon your shoulders?

The Universe doesn’t like you to sacrifice the only thing he had given you to cherish! You could and you should cherish others, love and protect them, but all this cannot be done without YOU!

So take a deep breath, lean on the chair and start thinking where are you in the chain of the happiness you try to create for others. Ask yourself how could you possible teach someone to find and to raise a feeling that you don’t even have?

So I think it’s time to take your own happiness into your own hands. First of all you must remember that “happiness” is not a feeling, it is a point of view. It’s a “how” you face and understand all the things and experiences that are happening to you.

Here are 3 ways that you must do so you could finally break the everlasting chain of suffering and pain.

1. Notice how you treat yourself 

This is a very difficult step especially if someone all his life has been letting others take the lead instead of him. But once you start thinking about your own Self, once you start appreciating and loving your Self, you’ll see a very positive and drastic changes happing to you. And remember- this is not selfishness!

This is a form of self-love that put you first on your priority list and then comes everybody else. You don’t leave others hanging behind, you just charge yourself first with positive energy and then pass this positivity along the way.

2. Love your Self

Do you remember when you were a child, that you have loved absolutely everything about yourself? Every piece of you was so perfect and you have enjoyed your own company.

But as you grew up, what changed, who changed you and why did you consent to that negative change that got being sad like this? In the process of searching for the answers of these questions a miracle shall happen. Try and see.

3. Be kind to your Self 

Many of us are thought that it is enough to be kind to others, to have enormous compassion only for others. But who shall take care of you, of your own Soul? Who if not you? Never forget that you too are a beautiful Soul that deserves to be acknowledged, to be seen, to be loved.

We cannot always expect the others to see how good and honest we are and to return the favor. It doesn’t work that way. Maybe some people do see your pain and will help you as much as you have helped them.

But the most won’t, from simple reason – people are ego-driven and they expect someone else to take care of them. You know it is easy to be nice, but it is very hard to be just, to be righteous. But please start being righteous, give as much as you get, and put your Self first.

So, stop leaving your Soul to wait for you at the sidewalk while you help the others to cross to the better side. Don’t forget yourself, you are your own responsibility and until you are done with that responsibility, you cannot possible help any other creature to be happy.

You could try, but you won’t be any happier, and the thing about helping is that you too should be happy. So, after helping someone if you are still down and you feel worthless, than you are doing something wrong.

Please remember we all have our own destinies, this includes you too.You should never ever forget YOU!