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Ladies, You Need To Stop Doing This On Instagram!


I’m getting the feeling this world has gone mad and women need to politely ask for their natural rights to be respected as equal human beings. Our society exists for creating social stereotypes for both men and women that eventually influence our social and physical habits.

One thing is for sure. Social media tends to display women as these objects of men’s perverted sexual desires.  And what have we as women done to prevent that? Let me tell you, not much.

I can’t help but notice and I’m sure you did too – what’s with today’s Insta trends? This self-promoting thing? Totally crossed the fine limit between showing a part of your life and exposing your own intimate body parts.  Young girls, revealing little too much and not being aware they are degrading themselves with their shameful appearance.

I get it. You are a young, sexy 20-something girl and you’re confident about your body, but that is no reason for you to advertise your naughty bits on Home Feed.

The first legit reason behind it?  It’s disrespectful to yourself and makes you look cheap. You may not be conscious of that fact, given the dizzying number of likes on your fresh trending selfie. Put your phone down and stop for a second.

You and yourself only are accountable for the impression you leave to other people. And trust me, this is not the proper way to be happy and confident about yourself. Show a little respect for your body. If you don’t, nobody will.

Let me give you a friendly reminder: You’re not modeling, and this kind of self-promotion will bring you the wrong crowd. The fact that the Internet is known as the Worldwide Web means that you’ll never know what sort of creep or pedophile might be lurking on your profile.

On a different note, besides the fact it’s disrespectful to yourself, showing your half naked body and your peachy sun-tanned butt creates that well-known objectification of women.

Well, I’ll be damned, but I won’t allow you to sell the female gender to the wicked hands of male chauvinism and macho superiority.

My word of advice for you girls. Please stop fooling yourself into thinking that the crazy amount of “likes” and “shares” you get are because they like you. You’re putting a show out there and they fall for it.

They don’t have a clue about your true self – the most important thing to them is whether your boobs show off in that pink tank top.

So please, stop shaking and posting your lady parts for some stalker’s pleasure. Learn to respect your body and soul. Most of all, don’t you ever compromise your integrity for someone’s cheap thrill. 

As long as there are women out there who are perfectly fine with the idea of selling their bodies and identities for a little pinch of affection, we’re not getting anywhere close to our desired direction.

We need to start doing something about it and it better be SOONER!