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Police Sent A Diver To The Bottom Of This Lake And What He Discovered Will Give You Chills


Going deep into a lake can never be a pleasant experience, but going deep into a lake at night it’s even scarier. Just thinking about all the strange, terrifying things that wander below the surface is giving me the chills.

Watch the video below and see the experience of a diver who went way below the surface of the lake. What he saw will certainly petrify you.

  1. The video starts with something that looks like a police investigation on the lake.

2. The diver dived deep into the cold lake and darkness immediately surrounded him.

3. No surprise there. Rubbish and lot of everyday staff was found in the lake.

4. The diver dives further down and comes across cinder blocks chained around.

5. Close-by restraints reveal the horrid truth. A person was tied up and thrown into the lake.

6. But the body wasn’t there. The diver looked around, looking for further evidence…

7. What he found out was really terrifying. It’ll make your blood freeze.