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Laser Skin Tightening


All around the world, we are preoccupied with looking young. For many Canadians, the unavoidable effects of aging can be a frustrating experience. With age comes wisdom. However, with age also comes wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines.

Saggy skin is one of the most common effects of aging. As you age, your body produces less collagen, the compound responsible for skin elasticity and tightness. Sure, there are many remedies to skin conditions brought on by aging. However, a good many of them are surgical and come with their plethora of side effects.

Thankfully, modern cosmetic science has introduced non-invasive solutions to the world. One of such solutions is laser skin tightening.

What Is Laser Skin Tightening?

Laser skin tightening treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that makes use of an infrared light beam to stretch the outer layers of the skin. This is done by heating the collagen under the surface of the skin. This process also stimulates increased collagen productions making it a long-term solution.

To that end, Canada MedLaser makes use of the innovative new technology know known as Doublo-S to treat loose skin. A variant of laser skin tightening, Doublo-S is a tightening process that involves targeting deep underlying tissues. It improves your skin elasticity and firmness while carrying none of the side effects of surgical procedures.

HIFU Technology
Doublo-S works using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Technology (HIFU). This tech allows it to penetrate deeper into the inner tissues of your skin when compared to average laser and radio wave technologies.

With HIFU, Doublo-S treatments can cause sufficient thermal stimulation to the affected area. A calibrated frequency is used to determine just how deeply the treatment will penetrate. Lower frequencies usually mean that thermal stimulation is produced at deep layers while higher frequencies speak to shallow thermal stimulation.

How Does Doublo-S Work?
With HIFU technology, Doublo-S can deliver an effective alternative to traditional surgical procedures. With Doublo-S, you can soften frown lines and tighten skin by penetrating to the same depths that surgical facelifts reach without invading the skin.

Doublo-S uses ultrasound to lift underlying facial tissues safely. Doublo-S is different from IPL, lasers and other techniques. It penetrates deeper, is more precise and uses higher temperatures without harming the skin. This skin tightening technique starts to work beyond the famed dermis layer, where your skin’s structural weakness begins.

During Doublo-S treatments, the underlying tissue in the target area is heated up, creating strategic thermal wounds deep within the tissue. This thermal stimulation promotes rapid healing and subsequent collagen production. Over time, this will lead to the proper tightening of the skin, a result which can last for several years.

Additionally, Doublo-S aids in the improvement of facial features. It evens out skin tone, improving skin hydration and shine without affecting natural facial expression.

Merits of Doublo-S treatment

This non-surgical non-invasive skin tightening procedure has a plethora of benefits when compared to other treatment plans. These benefits include:

  • Highly effective and safe
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • There is zero risk of infections
  • No scarring
  • Zero recovery time
  • It is cost effective when compared with facelift surgery
  • It is painless
  • Results are long term
  • Penetrates as deeply as traditional surgery

The results of Doublo-S treatments are varied. They include:

  • Tightens up the cheek, neck, and jowls
  • Reduces the incidence of fat deposits
  • Increases the production of elastin and collagen
  • Reduces double chin
  • Improves the stimulation of skin cells
  • Rejuvenates the overall quality of your skin
  • Increases blood and nutrient circulation
  • Increases skin hydration levels
  • Reduces Nasolabial folds
  • Removes wrinkles and worry lines

Treatment Session

Averagely, the duration of each Doublo-S session is a function of the size of the target area. However, Canada MedLaser, recommend a thirty-minute session for you.

This treatment may cause minimal discomfort while it is being carried out. This is a sign that your skin has started collagen regeneration.

For optimal results, it is recommended that you undergo multiple sessions over a period of three months. Nevertheless, with each session, your skin will start to undergo a transformative process.