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Life Is Difficult Enough The Way It Is, So Please, Treat People With Kindness And Respect


It is heart-wrenching to see what the society we live in has turned into.

There was once a time when people were kinder, more empathetic, and more open. The conversations were honest. The friendships were genuine. And the love was pure.

People looked after each other. They shared everything with each other – they shared their sadness, their worries, their pain as well as their happiness and laughter. They were each other’s rock and crying shoulder. They were each other’s greatest help and support.

And yes, there were wars, too. But, people always found a way to stick together and certain values, such as solidarity, equality, honesty, and love were always cherished. And that’s the reason why their bonds were genuine and they lasted.

And today, well, today things are different.

There’s a yawning gap of inequality between social classes. There is discrimination. There is intolerance. There is envy. There is hate. There is overt racism. There is terrorism.

Poverty, inequity, and deception lurk around every corner. And the only people that suffer due to all this are the righteous ones. The ones that are noble, compassionate, generous, and honest. The ones that are kind-hearted. The ones whose souls are perhaps too pure.

Life Is Hard Enough

This isn’t fair, is it?

So, don’t you think it’s up to us to transform the society we live in?

Don’t you think it’s up to us to make society a better place for everyone?

Life is difficult enough the way it is, so, let’s stop mistreating and disrespecting each other.

Let’s stop the discrimination, the prejudice, the lies, the hate.

Let’s stop envying other people’s happiness and success and wondering whether the grass is greener on the other side. Let’s focus on ourselves. On our own growth. On our own happiness.

Let’s stop imposing our beliefs on other people. Let’s stop telling others how they should live their lives.

Let’s stop criticizing people for their weaknesses and imperfections. Let’s stop making others feel weak and unimportant.

Let’s stop discriminating people on the basis of sex, age, race, or national origin.

Let’s stop hating each other.

Let’s treat everyone around us with kindness, compassion, and generosity. Let’s treat others with respect and dignity. Let’s spread love and peace. Because we are all we have.

Life Is Difficult Enough The Way It Is, So Please, Treat People With Kindness And Respect