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Life Is Too Short: Don’t Ever Tolerate These 6 Toxic Behaviors From People


People will always do what they want. That’s a fact. Sometimes their actions and behaviors will be harmless and won’t have anything to do with you, but sometimes some of their behaviors will be toxic and they will directly impact your life.

In those moments I’ve always said that it is the best to avoid the drama and stick to your guns. However, there are moments when no matter how much you try to, you cannot avoid these things. This is the time when you have to stand up for yourself and call people out on their bullsh*t.

If someone is treating you badly, they should never get away with that. Here are 6 behaviors that you should never ever tolerate from those around you:

1. Someone constantly pointing out your flaws. If a person has nothing nice to say to you, you don’t need that person in your life. Someone who is always criticizing you and making fun of your imperfections is not your friend. Don’t hesitate to speak up and let them know that their rudeness will no longer be tolerated.

2. Someone constantly giving you hidden insults. We all know at least one person who does this. They act all nice with you, but they don’t ever forget to surprise you with those hidden insults when you least expect it. Keep in mind that this person doesn’t mean well. They like to make you feel bad because that gives them a sense of pleasure and victory.

3. Someone constantly asking you for validation. Oh, I am sick of people who bend over backward to be noticed and get immediate validation. If you know someone like this, don’t feel obligated to constantly praise them for what they do. Say it like you mean it and carry on. If they feel offended, that’s on them.

4. Someone constantly playing the victim and making you feel like the bad guy. People who are masters of making something far worse than it actually is. People who are the best at making you feel like you did something to them. People who love pretending that they are victims. The worst ones! Don’t ever tolerate someone like this.

5. Someone constantly competing with you. Life is not a competition, and sadly only a few normal people get that. The rest are busy working their asses off to always be one step ahead of you. If you know someone like this, know that they are not your friends. They envy you and they want to be better than you.

6. Someone constantly calling you only when they need you. People like this don’t care about you. They only care about how much they can get from you. If you are there when they need you for something, they will use you. So, it is really up to you to understand this and finally cut them off from your life.

Bottom line, if you love and respect yourself, you shouldn’t have to put up with these toxic behaviors. Know how much you are worth and never ever let anyone treat you like less. Stick to your path and be careful when choosing who gets to stay in your life and who gets to leave forever.

Life Is Too Short: Don\'t Ever Tolerate These 6 Toxic Behaviors From People