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Limb lengthening surgery with the MTN Method in Iran

Limb lengthening surgery with the MTN Method in Iran

Limb lengthening surgery presents a scientifically proven and practical solution for individuals seeking to increase their height once their growth plates have closed after puberty. This procedure offers several methods for height enhancement, with the MTN method standing out as one of the most renowned options, performed exclusively in Iran.

What is limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery, also referred to as height increase surgery is a procedure designed to lengthen the tibia or femur bones. The process is carried out gradually to ensure that the bones grow by a maximum of one millimeter per day during the growth stage. Additionally, the soft tissues such as the skin, muscles, and nerves also lengthen gradually with the aid of physical therapy and stretching exercises. This transformative journey typically spans several months to achieve the desired results.

What is the MTN method

In the MTN method of limb lengthening (Manual Telescopic Nail), a telescopic nail is gently inserted into the bone, while a small screw is placed outside the foot. The advantage of having only one external screw significantly eases walking and daily activities. Moreover, this method results in less discomfort when compared to the LON limb lengthening surgical approach. It is worth noting that the MTN method is exclusively performed at the Limb Lengthening Center of Iran, making it a unique and exceptional option available solely in Iran.

The Surgical Procedure

On the day of the surgery with the MTN method, Dr. Nader Motallebizadeh performs an osteotomy, which involves making an incision in the bone. Then, a telescopic nail is gently inserted into the bone. Additionally, a small screw is placed externally on the foot.

This external screw allows for manual adjustment of the telescopic nail’s length during the lengthening phase. Remarkably, within a day after the surgery, patients can start walking with the assistance of a walker.

Recovery Period:

Following the surgery, there will be a one-week recovery period before the actual lengthening process begins. During the initial ten days, the level of pain experienced may vary among patients, ranging from mild to severe. To manage any discomfort, appropriate medication will be administered to the patients.

Lengthening Phase:

In the lengthening phase, patients will undergo a maximum daily lengthening of 1 mm for the Femur or 0.75 mm for the Tibia. To achieve this, the MTN screw should be turned every eight hours, resulting in a 0.33 mm increase with each turn for the Femur and 0.25 mm increase with each turn for the Tibia.

In the MTN method Turning the MTN screw is a straightforward process, and patients will be taught how to do it themselves before the lengthening phase begins. The duration of the lengthening period depends on the desired increase, typically spanning three to four months for an increase of 6 cm to 8 cm.

Limb Lengthening

Throughout the lengthening period, it is crucial for patients to diligently and consistently perform physiotherapy and stretching exercises as instructed. These exercises help extend the soft tissues concurrently with bone lengthening, significantly reducing patient discomfort.

After the lengthening phase is completed, the screw can be removed without requiring surgery or anesthesia.

Consolidation Phase:

After the lengthening period, the consolidation phase commences, usually lasting around eight to ten months. During this stage, patients may use axillary crutches for support if needed.

Once consolidation is successfully achieved, patients can return to their regular activities. They are free to participate in sports, go hiking, or play football. For women, there are no restrictions, and they can comfortably wear high heels again.

Duration of Stay in Iran (Tehran):

Patients who undergo MTN method of limb lengthening surgery have the option to return home as early as three weeks after the surgery. However, they also have the choice to stay in Iran until the entire lengthening process is completed, which typically takes around three months.

For those who decide to return home after three weeks, it’s important to come back to have their MTN screw removed once the lengthening period is over.

What is the Maximum Safe Height Increase with the MTN Method?

The MTN method allows for a maximum safe height increase of 14cm, typically achieved through two separate surgeries. In the first surgery, the focus is on increasing the tibia (shinbone) by 6cm, and in the second surgery, the target is the femur (thighbone) for an additional 8cm. To attain the total height-increase of 14cm, patients need to complete the recovery process of the first surgery, which usually takes approximately one year, before proceeding with the second surgery.

If you require more information about the MTN method of limb lengthening surgery, feel free to reach out to the International Limb Lengthening Center of Iran. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further details you may need.