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Living With an Alcoholic Partner: How to Seek and Find the Support You Need


If you’re living with an alcoholic partner, we know you face many challenges and often sadness and disappointment. We have strategies  and advice to share.

Are you living with an alcoholic partner? It may feel hard to get the support you need. You may be confused about how to help your partner or even afraid that you’ll hurt them by revealing their secret to others.

You aren’t alone. Alcoholism is a prevalent health crisis with a far-reaching impact. For every alcoholic, there may be dozens of lives impacted by the disease.

Read on to learn more about how to reach out for support.

Living With an Alcoholic Partner

While alcoholism may lay claim to the life of the alcoholic, the friends and families of those affected are often the forgotten victims of the disease. Many spend years trying to convince the alcoholic to seek help.

This often results in watching the alcoholic stumble through a series of failed attempts to get sober. You may watch them as they claw their way through the stages of alcohol withdrawal, only to again return to the bottle.

If you’ve struggled to help an alcoholic keep his or her life on track, you know what a burden it can be. Without support, everyday living can feel exhausting. Finding a support group can be beneficial not only for you but also for the other people who are impacted by the disease of alcoholism.

Taking the first step can help you get the support you need but also encourage others to bravely seek the help they need as well.

Finding a Support Network

Reaching out for support can be difficult at first. You may be concerned about your partner’s reaction if he or she learns that you have been attending support groups for the friends and families of alcoholics.

Worse yet, you may be afraid to see someone you know at a support group. We’re here to reassure you, reaching out is almost always the right choice.

Al-Anon is one of the world’s most prevalent support groups. Because of this, you’re almost certain to find a meeting closeby.

Al-Anon meetings don’t require membership fees, so you won’t have to worry about paying to attend. These meetings are held and run by other people just like you, so there’s no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Al-Anon meetings are similar to Alcoholics Anonymous in many of their principles. All meetings are anonymous and members are discouraged from sharing any of what they say or hear with anyone outside the Al-Anon group. In short, everyone in attendance has dealt with a loved one who has struggled with alcoholism or addiction.

Al-Anon members attend weekly meetings to share their own stories and listen to the stories of others. When you’re at a meeting, you’ll learn more about how you can help the alcoholic in your life and how to improve your life as well.

Are You Safe?

If you are living with an alcoholic partner that is abusive, you aren’t alone. It’s important that you prioritize your own safety and welfare instead of waiting for the alcoholic to change.

If you need help leaving, there are services available to help. Call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-779-7233.

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