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Looking For A Job? This Greek Cat Sanctuary Will Pay You $560 To Take Care Of Cats


Looking for a job but the thought of being tied to a chair 9 hours a day makes you cringe? Feeling exhausted of your 9-5 work, but you’re too afraid to quit?


We have the dream job for all of you cat lovers out there.

A Greek cat shelter for stray cats is looking for a caretaker who would feed 55 cats and hang out with them.

This amazing place is located on the beautiful Greek island called Syros, which is near the famous Mikonos island. This small piece of heaven is populated with roughly 20,000 people and it is a truly amazing place to live.

And one of the most interesting things about this place is the fact that is overpopulated with cats. But luckily, this island is also inhabited by people who care about animals.

So, in an attempt to provide the cats on this island with the help they needed they eventually created a cat shelter which they named God’s Little People Cat Rescue.

The people behind this project are a husband and wife who have been living on the island since 2010. They started by opening the sanctuary on their own and taking care of all the stray cats on this island, but as time passed by and their family became larger, they realized that they need help.

That is why they have an open position for a cat caretaker. They are looking for someone who would feed the cats, take care of them and above all, enjoy spending their time with them. You don’t need special qualifications to get hired here; You only need to love cats and be willing to accept responsibility for 55 cats.

You read it right. 55 cats!

Your main responsibilities would be feeding the cats, giving them plenty of love and attention, taking them to the vet, cleaning after them and of course cuddling them 24/7. But besides being constantly surrounded by these furry friends, the additional perks of being employed at God’s Little People Cat Rescue is living on this beautiful island and having your own tiny cabin with a wonderful view and a magical garden. Last but not least, the salary is $560 US per month.

So, cat lovers, would you quit your job and move here?