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If You Love Yourself, Get Out Of The Comfort Zone


You may have asked yourself what has gone so wrong for you to end up in a mess. It’s true, you haven’t done anything wrong to anybody to deserve such chaos in your life. You know it, and still think that it must be something wrong you have caused that lead you to this situation.

Well the answer doesn’t lie there. Stop blaming your ‘possible’ outward-directed behavior and ask yourself how much you have affected (and harmed) yourself to get dragged there ‘so instantly’.

And this is not something that you would even think is a choice, as you are not aware of the broad effect one habit of yours can have on your whole life.

That one habit might as well be responsible for the situation you are currently in, and we all are. There is not a single person in the world who is not facing the same challenge as you are facing. But the fact that ‘you are not alone’ doesn’t change the reality you are coping with.

That habit is your comfort zone creating wizard that turns on too often, and won’t turn off so easily. Everything we do in life is connected to creating a sort of ‘comfort’ zone. Really, in many cases ‘being comfortable’ with something, doesn’t necessarily make it comfortable by nature.

In fact, that ‘comfort’ you have created is only an adaptation to the environment that conditions you to ‘cope with it’ and many other things.

The comfort zone is your worst enemy when it comes to personal growth. And where there’s no growth (and it’s needed), there is usually a problem – a rot.

If you simply look at all the nature around you, everything living evolves and grows. Every animal naturally changes the location if the circumstances don’t allow for a fertile life, or they go extinct.

If you don’t get out of the comfort zone you have created out of an unhealthy environment, you will also go (figuratively speaking) extinct.

Imagine you are sitting on a surface that’s heated just high enough for you to endure the pain. You will eventually get used to it, of course.

But where there’s pain, there’s an indicator that something’s not right. So, the heat will start burning out your skin and get you in serious trouble.

This analogy is not something you should disregard, as it’s just too real. The circumstances will always try to put you in a mode of accepting harm.

Well, it’s really you who put yourself in that mode. And with this, you are creating a cage full of needles around you and you eventually become numb to the feeling that gives off warnings.

Loving yourself means accepting that in many cases, changes are needed. It’s really changes that keep us going as a species. Otherwise, we would have died off a long time ago. You haven’t affected anything on the outside, and you think you haven’t done any harm.

The truth is that you have done the greatest harm you could – and you did it onto yourself.

Well if that doesn’t matter, then how much love have you given to yourself? Loving yourself means being brave enough to jump out of the false comfort zones that lead you to start rotting.

Every circumstance leads to a stale environment, because it’s just that – an environment.

You are the most mobile guest in that room full of things you don’t have control over. The reality is that the only thing you will ever have the chance to have control over IS YOU. Loving yourself means accepting and understanding the comfort zone and finally letting go.

So love yourself and get the heck out of that comfort zone that has started driving you crazy and lose touch with your real self.