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Love Should Never Be Mediocre: You Deserve A Man Who’ll Love You For Real

Love Should Never Be Mediocre

This world is cruel. Too cruel and too brutal, to be honest. At times I feel like these new generations are simply too fragile to endure the pain and struggle of being alive in a world like this…

Just think about it. People constantly lie to each other, they manipulate others, hurt others, end their lives, disappoint them, steal their hopes, mistreat them, take them for granted… Everywhere you turn, there’s greediness, corruption, immorality, dishonesty, bias, sorrow…

So, the only thing that we rely on is love. The only thing that truly saves us from all this mess is real, all-consuming, pure, unconditional, everlasting love. 

And so, we search for it. We dedicate our lives to finding love. But some get lost along the way. Some experience disappointments and eventually settle for average, comfortable love thinking “This is it”. And pretty soon they realize that it’s not.

You are one of them, dear. And so am I.

I have made a lot of mistakes throughout my life. I’ve made bad choices, I’ve relied on people who couldn’t be trusted, I’ve loved people who didn’t love me back and I’ve settled for shitty relationships. The truth? I was terrified. Terrified of ending up all alone in this cruel world.

But after many failures, I finally realized that love cannot be forced, and it simply cannot be mediocre. That is when the fear started fading away.

That is why I am here… To illuminate your path in the darkness. To guide you through your journey and help you find your wings.

I know how you feel. I know that you’ve been through a lot. But you, my dear, don’t deserve to love people who don’t know how to appreciate you. Your love is out of this world. It is the most powerful feeling that flows through your body and soul. So why do you keep giving it to people who don’t deserve it?

Find someone who is thrilled at the thought of spending his life with you.

Find someone who always makes time to see you.

Find someone whose heart sings whenever he looks at you.

Find someone who is 100% certain that you are the only person for them.

Find someone who appreciates your individuality and falls in love with your flaws.

Find someone who is not afraid to show you how vulnerable their heart is.

Find someone who makes their love for you known.

Find someone who is aware of how lucky they are to have found you in a world like this.

Find someone who never stops pursuing you even after they’ve got you.

Find someone who loves you from the bottom of their heart.

Find someone who makes you feel the happiest.

This life is too damn short, and it moves too fast.

There’s no time for regrets. No time for soulless flings and make-believe relationships. Make it worth your while. Choose love that fills your entire being with light. Be with someone who loves you from the very bottom of their heart.

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Love Should Never Be Mediocre: You Deserve A Man Who’ll Love You For Real