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Lovely Bridesmaids Decide To Replace Their Flowers With Rescued Puppies And Help Them Find Homes


I can’t help but notice that wedding traditions are slowly changing. People refuse to fall into the same planning patterns as the rest of the world and they actually dare to do something different. They let their creative overflow them and shift their ideas into new directions.

And eventually, something wonderful happens. You get to witness an unusual wedding, planned exactly the way the bride and the groom have always wanted.

The perfect example of fun and unusual weddings is this girl’s wedding day!

Samantha Clark didn’t want to have a traditional wedding. She wasn’t sure what she wanted, but she knew that she must have her dogs as a part of the official ceremony. And of course, what pet lover wouldn’t want their furry friends to sit beside them on their wedding day.

Well, here’s where the whole story gets more interesting.

She didn’t want to have a usual, flowery wedding so she decided that her bridesmaids would not carry the usual beautiful bouquets. Instead, they would carry cute rescued puppies.

I am literally speechless. What an amazing idea, right?


Luckily for her, AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport decided to help her dreams come true. The organization had plenty of rescued animals that desperately needed to be adopted and they were very happy that someone would actually consider doing something so generous and help those poor creatures.

Samantha was 100% sure, she only wondered whether her bridesmaids would accept her genius idea. But surprisingly, they were all on board with her. So, they chose 6 small puppies which were a cross breed between chihuahua, and dachshund, also known as Chiweenies and they were the cutest little fellas.

They were all escorted by their foster mother and the ceremony was perfect. And don’t get me started on the photos. They are unbearably cute. I doubt you could look at them without screaming.

All in all, I must say that Samantha is my hero. People like her are rare and they are precious. I just know that this is exactly what I have in mind for my wedding. Except I may include cats, as well!

If you want to know more about their wedding day, check this link below. And of course, don’t hesitate to share this amazing story with your friends. You might inspire them to do something even more incredible!