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Low testosterone levels and Treatment Options


A man must have the required testosterone levels to maintain his manliness. Testosterone, or the male sex hormone, is also an anabolic steroid. It is the hormone responsible for developing male reproductive organs – from deep voice, facial hair, muscles, and testes, to stimulating secondary sexual characteristics in males. The hormone raises red blood cell formation, and is responsible for improving mood, and strengthening bones. Now, the problem comes when the testosterone levels are lower than usual, with most men affected in their 50s and above.

Men who struggle with low testosterone often face difficult challenges, but they don’t have to let it control their lives. There are various effective treatments available for low t treatment in milwaukee that can aid men in regaining their health, energy, strength, confidence, and sex life.

The low levels may cause health issues like anxiety, hot flashes, and muscle loss among others. Falling testosterone is normal for aging, although the following factors like stress, obesity, and injury can hasten the condition. Read on to get insights on how to deal with the condition.  

Detecting Low testosterone 

If you suspect low testosterone, the doctor will check your physical symptoms and do some blood tests to be sure. You may need further tests if your doctor’s results show low levels of the hormone. Bone loss is a symptom; hence the doctor will do a bone mass test to ascertain if you need osteoporosis treatment. Most importantly, testosterone supplementation should be completely avoided for those with conditions like prostate cancer, since testosterone will fuel its growth. Other conditions that can be fuelled by testosterone supplementation include; poorly managed heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and severe sleep apnea among others.  

Low-Level Testosterone therapy 

Men with low testosterone levels in their blood and mimic some symptoms of the condition and they are the right candidates for therapy. However, some men do not experience the symptoms despite the low levels. Those who don’t feel common symptoms like lethargy and sexual dysfunction are not advised to go for therapy due to the doubt concerning its long-term safety. Don’t rush for therapy even if you have all the signs indicating low-t. There are numerous treatments your doctor can use to treat the condition once he/she identifies the source for falling levels. If you lost muscles due to low-t levels, you can buy steroids online to boost your bone mass – Of course with your doctor’s approval.  Or you can always consult a specialist from Male Excel, who will recommend you the best treatment for increasing your testosterone level.

Here are some methods your doctor may consider to treat your condition:

  • Skin patch. You will have to apply a patch at least once daily. The best time to take it is in the evening. A patch releases small levels of the hormone into your skin.  
  • Gels. The gel is spread onto the skin daily. Apply it over your upper arms. Ensure you cover the area you have treated using a piece of cloth – this way, you won’t expose testosterone to others. Never forget to rinse your hands after using the gel. 
  • Oral therapy. Other forms of treatment include swallowing capsules or tablets placed to your gum as well as the inner cheek two times in a day. This will enable testosterone to get absorbed in your bloodstream. 


There are numerous treatments for low testosterone levels including the use of pellets implanted under the skin, or injections offered every seven to fourteen days. For issues like a decrease in muscle mass, one can choose to buy steroids online to improve the bone density and energy levels upon the doctor’s instruction.