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Loyalty Programs and VIP Bonuses: A Discussion on the Benefits and Perks of Being a Loyal Player at an Online Casino

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Being a member of an online casino is one thing. It’s an entirely new world for those who are part of the loyalty or VIP programs that their Casinos run. In case you are wondering what’s so special about being a loyal casino member, we will take you into the world of casino loyalty and show you all the perks and benefits that come with it. While at it, you can check out the Verde casino bonus to discover some of the perks available on their VIP program.

What Is a Loyalty Program?

A Loyalty Program is an incentive organized by Casinos to reward members who are loyal to the casino. Loyalty here would be judged by a range of factors which include a range of factors that each casino uses to evaluate commitment. This could include things like:

  • Frequency of visits: Casinos track how often customers visit and how much they spend during each visit. Customers who visit frequently and spend more money are typically considered more loyal.
  • Length of play: The amount of time a customer spends playing games is also an important factor in judging loyalty. Customers who spend more extended periods playing are generally considered more loyal.
  • Total spending: The total amount of money a customer spends at the casino is also considered. Customers who spend more money overall are typically considered more loyal.
  • Type of game played: Casinos may also consider the kind of game a customer plays when determining loyalty. For example, customers who play high-stakes games or participate in tournaments may be regarded as more loyal than those who stick to low-stakes games.
  • Membership status: A customer’s loyalty program membership status is also an essential factor in determining loyalty. Customers with higher membership tiers are generally considered loyal and may receive more rewards and perks.

It is worth mentioning that different casinos use some of these perks while others use all. Whatever the case, the casinos usually make explicit the criteria for inducting people into their loyalty programs. (1)

What Are the Benefits and Perks of Being Loyal to a Casino?

There are many perks that players can get as a reward for their loyalty to a casino, including the following:

●       Increasing Tier Bonuses

One of the main perks of being on a casino’s loyalty program is the increased tier bonuses. As you climb up the loyalty program tiers, you’ll earn more and better rewards, such as free spins, cashback, or even luxury gifts.

●       Faster Customer Support

As a loyal member of a casino’s loyalty program, you can access faster customer support. You’ll be able to reach the casino’s support team through a dedicated phone line or email address, and your queries will be given priority treatment.

●       Access to Exclusive Bonuses, Games, Services, and Events

Another benefit of being on a casino’s loyalty program is access to exclusive bonuses, games, services, and events. These may include VIP-only tournaments, exclusive game previews, access to special lounges, and much more.

●       Special Bonuses for Birthdays and Other Important Dates

Many casinos take out time to offer you special bonuses on special days. It could be your birthday or the anniversary of the day you joined the casino. You can get extra free spins, bonus funds, or other gifts to make your day memorable.

●       Access to the Loyalty Program Store

Some loyalty programs offer a loyalty store only available to those registered. Through this store, the player can redeem various prices using their loyalty points.

●       Personalized Assistance from a Dedicated Account Manager

As a high-tier member of any casino’s loyalty program, you may be assigned a dedicated account manager or staff member to attend to your needs directly. This individual will not only help you with all your needs as it relates to the casino but will also help you make the most of your loyalty membership.

It’s important to mention that the perks you get on a Loyalty Program differ from casino to casino. While you might find some of these perks in some Casinos, this is not an exhaustive list of perks you could get in a casino.


Loyalty programs are one of the most effective ways to make your online casino journey worthwhile. If you are looking for a way to increase the advantage you have in the online casino world, then you should consider getting loyal to a casino and sticking around till all the goodies finally fall. (2)