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Luck Vs. Hard Work: What Is The Ultimate Key To Success In Life?

luck vs hard work

All of us dream of living a life where our deepest desires and ambitions would become a reality.

Whether we’re poor, rich, old, young, black, yellow, white, male, female, or simply different, we all have something that guides us in life and motivates us to keep moving forward.

We envision a future in which we actually work the jobs we love the most, we visualize a life where we are the most successful and famous people in a certain field, we dream of dimensions where we are brave and confident enough to reach the highest of highs.

But, still… rare are the people who actually find the right path and make all of those dreams come true.

Luck vs hard work

Tell me, have you ever wondered why certain people like Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling became what they have become?

Do you think it was just a matter of luck, or it was all thanks to their hard work, focus, and their absolute dedication?

What in your opinion is the essential key to success in life luck or hard work?

Most people like to use the word ‘luck’. Whenever we look at successful and famous people who according to us hit the jackpot in life, we like to refer to them as ‘lucky’. But, what is luck, really? Is it fate, genes, or a good opportunity?

If you ask me, luck is the first and basic ingredient to the special dish called success. Every part of your personality, from your perseverance to your risk tolerance to your ambition to your intelligence is a product of pure chance. Your genes combined with your experiences and choices in life are what make you the person you are with the opportunities you have.

But, somehow that isn’t enough to make everyone successful.

Opportunities present themselves every day to every person. Right?

But, only the ones who recognize them and seize them without a delay get to transform these opportunities into their realities. It’s not rocket science, but still, most of the ordinary folks are not able to do so.

hard work vs luckWhich leads us to the next ingredient: Good, old hard work.

This is the usual answer when it comes to achieving success in life. And probably the most realistic one. I mean, think about it. What good are books, documentaries and talk shows about being successful if success is entirely luck?

Hard work is the key to success.

You see, hard work might be the second most important ingredient for achieving success, but it’s definitely what makes the job done. No success is ever achieved without a sweat. If you believe that success is purely based on luck, you’re not likely to try as hard as if you believe that success comes from hard work.

No matter how lucky you are or what genes and circumstances you have, history shows us that you still need hard work to pull it off.

Oprah Winfrey was once fired as a news anchor for being “too emotionally invested” in her stories. She was called “unfit for TV news” by her boss. Today, she is the most famous talk show host in America.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the books that completely changed our childhood – The Harry Potter fantasies, went through serious childhood trauma and many difficulties in life. Yet, she made it all the way to the top.

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and started working on his first computer prototype at the age of 21.  He faced many failures, many obstacles, but the reason why he became the father of Apple, the multinational technology company which is now worth $750 billion is his hard, determined work.

These people didn’t blame the society, the government, the economy or their circumstances. They focused on what they had, instead of what they didn’t have, and they worked their way up to the top with nothing but their will and hard work.

Luck is an important part of achieving greatness, but it’s definitely not all there is. You cannot possibly expect that your luck will guide you through life without you doing anything at all. You cannot wait for things to simply fall off the sky. You have to work hard for them. And you have to deserve them.