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Man Who Taped The Mouth Of Pit bull Caitlyn For 36 Hours Finally Sentenced To 15 Years In Jail


Dogs are the purest and kindest creatures that ever walked this Earth. They are here to show us what unconditional love really means. They are here to make our lives happier and love us in a way that we’ve never been loved.

Yet, there are still cruel and vile people who would hurt them.

Caitlyn, the lovely Pitbull is just one case out of thousands.

Her story became known across the world after she was found injured on her previous owner’s porch in North Charleston, USA. 15 months old Caitlyn had a tragic destiny. Her previous owner had sold her to a 41-year-old man for just USD $10. The man had only had Caitlyn for a few days when he injured her so badly that she nearly died. 

Two years ago, she went through the hardest time of her life. Her mouth was taped and shut for 36 hours straight. The abuser used electrical tape and wrapped her mouth nine times. The poor thing barely breathed. She was left all alone and she couldn’t do anything to help herself.

Fortunately, a neighbor found her and immediately called Animal Control. They took the poor creature to the Charleston Animal Shelter and they started the procedure in removing the dangerous tape that was all over her mouth.

The tape was fastened so tightly that the blood flow to her nose was stopped and she couldn’t breathe.

The doctors said that Caitlyn was in luck. If she stayed a few hours more in that condition, she could have suffered serious damages to her sinus cavity and tongue. Luckily, she was found just in time. The veterinarians did their best to take off the tape without hurting her and thanks to them she was able to recover faster.

”This is the most serious case of animal abuse I’ve seen throughout my career,” Aldwin Roman, director of outreach at Charleston Animal Society, said when Caitlyn first arrived.

Luckily, with the help of the doctors and her will to live, she recovered. But even though Caitlyn healed and got back on her feet, the authorities didn’t stop investigating her case.

They found the one responsible for this unforgivable crime and justice was finally served. William Dodson, the man who taped Caitlyn’s mouth got sentenced to 15 years in jail. Five of those were for animal cruelty, and the rest of them were for illegal possession of a weapon.

As for Caitlyn, she is finally thriving. She already found a new family that loves her and cares for her.