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5 Phrases Manipulators Use Say To Make You Feel Crazy


By clear-cut definition, manipulators are people who lie for a living in order to get what they want, either this way or that. They are ruthless, lack normal human empathic emotions, and best of all, they are great at it.

Manipulators can be creative at heart

Obviously, it takes a clever and creative person to endure such a character. They need the intelligence, wittiness and artful skill of manipulation to succeed in their dirty deeds. However bad it may be, it is a skillful character trait and not everyone can pull it off.

They can also be biased

Manipulators do not have a soft heart. They can be conniving and biased, not thinking twice about the mess they make trying to get what they are after. They will go at all lengths to achieve their goals, regardless of anything. In fact, this is one of their main characteristics.

Sinister, you say.

Yes, indeed they are. They are the type of individuals who do not care of even give thought to other people’s feelings and emotions; therefore, they will do what is necessary to get their way.

They will use an inceptive method and try to make subtle suggestions in order to get the outcome they want. Manipulators will try to make you think it was “your idea” to begin this. Yes, this is how good they can be.

They can, however be spotted in their pallet of lies, if you only listen. Manipulators use certain phrases to achieve their objectives, which can be recognized.

You are too soft-hearted”.

Manipulators often use this adjective to try to make you believe you are too soft at heart, which is why your feelings are hurt. Even if that is the case and you are a softhearted person that does not give them, the right to make it seem like this is a negative trait to encompass. 

Furthermore, how else are you supposed to respond to someone that is mistreating you? Do they expect you to simply let it slide all the time? If that if the case, it shouldn’t be. Soft people have the right to raise their voice and tell manipulators what they are doing wrong, why and how it makes them feel.

“You overthink everything”.

As individuals with strong emotions and a rational mind, we often do tend to overthink things. We even tend to overthink and sweat the small stuff, which may not be the healthiest thing to for take. However, when speaking to and about manipulators, the story is a different one.

No one can and should blame you if you are overthinking and analyzing things that a deceptive person has said to you. They are always onto something, to trying to rationalize their behavior and words by really looking into what they say may be a smart idea.

Manipulators are always lurking, scheming and deceiving. Being alert and cautious is the only way to say yourself and everyone around you from the deceitful mind of a true manipulator.

Therefore, the next time you are told to stop overanalyzing a manipulator’s words and actions, be reminded that this is the only way to find the underlying cause in their sea of lies.

“I dislike making a scene”.

This could not be more wrong. Manipulators love making scenes, even if it wreaks havoc on everyone around them. They love attention more than anyone so putting on a performance or even participating in one to complicate things is one of their favorite tasks they pretend to hate.

However, do not be fooled by this. Making a scene is where they thrive, but in the dark. They do not shout or make it obvious that they are making a scene. They do it in very sneaky, manipulative ways that can hardly go noticed.

One other thing they master is throwing you under the bus. Deceitful individuals will make you think you are in the wrong and should be the one to apologize and fix it. You are left feeling down and frankly, clueless and confused.

“You do not comprehend what I am saying.”

Blaming others for not comprehending what they are saying is the most common thing manipulators do and quite well, really. When they are caught red-handed in their web of lies, their best bet is to make you feel incompetent and plain out stupid by telling you that you do not understand where they are coming from.

The best way to recognize a phony is by this exact phrase. If you hear this far too often from the same person, be sure to investigate further and try to get to the bottom of their deceptions.

These type of people thrive on the hurt of others, so when they see you are confused and hurt because you do not understand what is being said, they are winning.

“Your actions are quite unreasonable”.

Making others confused and lost by what they are saying is a masterful skill of a typical manipulator. They also tend to try to make people think they are being ridiculous when contradicting what they are saying. When they persist on doing this, it gives you a feeling of uncertainty and you start to question yourself.

The next time you are faced with any of these phrases and recognize the manipulator in action, take nothing to heart. It is always them, and never you. They can be very persuasive, conniving and witty. Manipulators are very skilled at what they do and can easily fool anyone. If you do not have any experience with such a deceitful person, be cautious.

Even smart individuals can find themselves tangled in the web of lies crafted by manipulators. Never take anything they say too seriously and feel bad about it. Most of the time, if not all the time, manipulators are the ones in the wrong, no matter what they say.

They can make you feel confused and that your behavior and reactions are irrational, but do not fall prey to their lies. Simply smile, nod and ignore.

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