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Marijuana to the Rescue – Smoking Away Your Anxiety


Marijuana has been talked about as a product with many benefits, from pain relief to control of epileptic seizures. Now many are touting its moderate use in dealing with anxiety.

Marijuana, according to many studies, has properties that fight anxiety. People suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) have found benefits in marijuana.

Historically speaking, before the extensive scientific research done on marijuana, the plant was always associated with certain anxiety-reducing properties.

In the 16th century, the physician Garcia de Orta venerated the virtues of marijuana, stating that it would dispel people of “all worries and care”.

Science Supports

A lot of long-time users of marijuana also swear by its effect on reducing their stressful emotions. Research done in this regard includes a 2014 study by Vanderbilt University.

The study found that smoking a joint may result in increased levels of endocannabinoids. There are many researchers who attribute anxiety disorder to the lack of this chemical; hence marijuana can help assuage this condition.

Marijuana can also be used as a progressive substitute for pre-existing anxiety disorder medication. A recent study in Canada chronicled a set of people who were prescribed medical marijuana for pain and anxiety.

After 90 days, around 40% of the people observed skipped their usual doses of benzodiazepines. Thus, marijuana can help people reduce their dependence on pharmaceuticals too.

For PTSD treatment, it is believed that marijuana can help dull the negative memories and experiences that caused the condition in the first place.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety can come in many guises. It can be used in a constructive manner if you need to get things done. But anxiety becomes a problem when it has no direct correlation to what is happening around you.

Symptoms of anxiety disorders affect a significant amount of people in various degrees, but when it gets really serious it can impair social and professional lives. Panic disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) are some of the anxiety disorders.

Use in Moderation

Let us not forget that for some smokers, a joint can cause a bit of paranoia and anxiety, rather than the opposite virtue.

With so many strains being developed over the last few years, it is recommended that users do a bit of research before picking the right weed for stress and anxiety.

There are many mild marijuana products that help calm the nerves. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main components in marijuana and is known to activate the serotonin receptors. Hence, Marijuana with higher CBD levels is more useful as an anti-anxiety measure.

Apart from the composition of the weed strain, other factors that can influence how you react to marijuana are pre-existing conditions, the environment around you, and your body’s tolerance for the drug. Marijuana in large doses is not recommended, as it may cause anxiety to increase.

There are many online resources that let you learn more about the virtues of this wonder plant. Catch up on its many healing and soothing properties and learn about new products that you can try out.