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I’ve Matured And Realized That I Don’t Have To React To Everything That Bothers Me


You probably know how this story goes. You’ve been played. Once again, they’ve mistreated you. And it hurts, I know it does. But as hard as your soul aches, it is even harder to persuade yourself to just let go of those things and move on.

Sometimes will be hard to just leave those awful things behind and forgive the people who considered you as a target to practice their inhuman behavior on. So, as human beings cultivating our madness while dealing with a myriad of emotions, it is in our nature to immediately contemplate and seek vengeance for what has been done.

Your mind tells you it’s payback time, and you are even more tempted by it. Most of the time you find yourself desiring to set them an invisible trap and catch them alive.

Oftentimes you feel like saying all the hurtful things to their faces could make the pain go away. You begin to think that by getting back to them, you’ll prove to yourself that you are not a coward. That you are not afraid.

However, there is one thing we often overlook. Although paying back will make you stand up for yourself and will definitely make you feel powerful at the moment, very soon it’ll drain you of your power source.

Soon, you’ll get more and more exhausted of dealing with the negative energy that vengeance gives away that you’ll finally realize that focusing on your individual progress is the one thing that matters the most.

It took you a while, but you finally realized that you don’t have to hurt those who have done you wrong. One very clear and sure sign that you’ve matured is walking away instead of idly living and waiting for the opportunity to revenge yourself. You resist the temptation to get even because you are a better person now.

Paying back won’t bring you back in time and won’t undo anything. The damage is done. All that is left now is your right to choose the way you’ll react. Because no matter how difficult life is, your perception of things creates the bigger picture. And that’s what counts.

I know it is hard fighting the urge to get back for everything you suffered through, but saying NO instead of indulging in that guilty pleasure will help you grow. Very soon you’ll realize that stuffing your mind with angry and vengeful feelings will leave no place for the enthusiastic and positive thoughts that will, later on, guide you through the ultimate journey to serenity.

Choosing to stay inactive instead of reacting to everything that touches you even a little bit doesn’t mean you are okay with how things are going. It just means you decided to give your energy more selfishly and you’re choosing to rise above every difficulty. Only by forgiving those who’ve hurt you, you’ll be able to find peace.

Because the state of serenity is one of the most overpriced commodities, yet you can’t buy it. Reaching that state depends solely on you. It took some time, but you learned that maintaining your inner peace and wellbeing means more than feeling satisfied and happy.

Even if it means stepping back instead of going for the payback game. Because finding everlasting peace within us has the power to create our own happiness, fulfillment, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter who is it you are at war with, you’re now completely isolated from all that negativity because from that moment on you decided that nothing will ever get to you.

People hold the power to influence other people’s thoughts, words, action. However, most of the times, knowing our wicked human nature, this potential is used in a hurtful manner.

You’ve matured and realized that reacting to things that make you upset gives people the power to rule over your emotions. The more you plot against them, the more they see you care for them.

The more you are concerned about the payback, the more they realize the influence they have on you and you appear even weaker. And the more you lose yourself into that endless cycle, the more powerless you become.

Being the bigger person requires accepting what is done and moving on. No vengeance, no nothing. Because you’ve realized that reacting in a certain hurtful manner won’t change anything and you can bet it won’t mysteriously change people’s thoughts or actions. People will remain kind or mean despite everything you do. You can’t change that fact.

But the only thing you can change is your perception. Choose to be the better one in that situation by focusing only on your inner peace and serenity.

Be the person who seeks their happiness through peace, not through vengeance.