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This Is Why Men Who Marry Nurses End Up The Happiest


When you decide to marry a nurse, you will be marrying a woman who is a rare combination of both tough and loving.

Nurses are women who understand and value the important things in life.

They are faced with life-or-death situations every day. They see every difficult situation that people go through. They see married couples who lost their child. They see women who are scared because their pregnancy is at risk. They see sick people struggling and their families praying for their health.

So, nurses know that nothing matters as long as you are healthy.

Nurses are women who are both tough and sensitive.

They see people when they are at their lowest point in life. They see people who are dying. They see people who are in pain. And, it takes a kind-hearted person to listen to their commands and complaints without judging and scorning, but with love and care.

Nurses understand that sick people can be cranky because they are scared for their health. However, nurses are always kind and comforting. They are always willing to listen to the complaints of the patients and they try their best to support them.   

Nurses are patient and respectful women.

They interact with people with different characters daily. They learned to be patient and respectful to everyone. Because when they take care of the sick people, they have to hear their stories and complaints to understand what they go through and offer them the support and care they need.

This is an excellent quality in a woman because in a marriage there would be all kinds of difficult situations, and a nurse can offer love and support to keep the family together.

Nurses are very persistent in everything they do.

They deal with every type of patients. And sometimes, patients can be so stubborn that they refuse to get up from their bed or take their medicine. And nurses are those that do not take “no” for an answer. They have to convince them why it is important to take the medicine and be persistent until they do it.

This has taught them how to handle their husband and their children when they are being stubborn and difficult.

Nurses are brave, confident, knowledgeable, and they offer great advice.

Her confidence and bravery come from her years of experience in dealing with difficult situations. She can stay calm during every situation, and before she makes a decision she evaluates all the aspects of the situation.

When it comes to her family if something bad happens she won’t panic. Instead, she will solve the situation calmly while taking care of her husband and her children. They also care about their family’s health and they teach their kids proper hygiene, proper nutrition, and maintaining good posture.

Nurses are indeed amazing people that can enrich your life and make it better.

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