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Men, Worry When A Woman Goes Silent, Not When She Fights With You

worry when she stops caring

Dear men, here’s an important thing you need to know about women regarding love and relationships: Women don’t believe in mediocre love. They don’t believe in hiding and suppressing their feelings. That’s why they always choose to show them.

Therefore, know that when a woman is angry with you, it means that she cares about you. When she gets a little bit jealous, it’s because she fears she might lose you.

When a woman is truly in love, she won’t pick a fight with her man if he doesn’t mean anything to her. She won’t raise her voice at him if she doesn’t feel anything for him. (1)

When a Woman Goes Silent!

Therefore, don’t worry when she is angry with you. Don’t worry when she starts a fight with you. Don’t worry when she yells at you.

Don’t worry when she bombards you with questions, asking you to tell her where you’re going or who you’re going to hang out with. Don’t worry when she doubts you. Don’t worry when she gets jealous. Don’t worry when she blames you.

Don’t worry when she cries silently in bed at night because of something you said or did.

This is too confusing for you, isn’t it?

But it shouldn’t be. Because when you experience the above-mentioned situations, know that you’re with a woman who loves and cares about you.

Worry when she goes silent. Worry when you notice that she doesn’t pick fights with you anymore. Worry when you no longer receive messages in which she begs you to talk to her. Worry when she no longer bothers to solve your relationship problems. Worry when she stops trying.

Worry when she sees that you sent her a message and she doesn’t bother to text you back right away.

Worry when she remains indifferent when you say or do things that would offend her or hurt her feelings otherwise.

Worry when she doesn’t even have a tear left inside of her. Worry when she no longer wears her heart on her sleeve.

Worry when she doesn’t react when she catches you flirting with another woman. Worry when she no longer asks you to tell her where you’re going. Worry when you notice she no longer reacts or cries.

Be Worried When She Stops Caring

Worry when she doesn’t care to fix your relationship problems anymore. Worry when she no longer gets angry and yells at you. Worry when she goes silent. Why?

Why Does A Woman Stop Arguing With You?

Because when she goes silent, it means you aren’t worth her anger anymore. It means your words and actions don’t mean anything to her anymore.

When she goes silent, it is clear that the flame once lit in her heart no longer burns.

When she goes silent, it means that she is putting an end to your relationship. It means she is giving up on you. It means she’s finally letting go of you. It means you’re no longer worth her efforts.

Because when a woman is truly in love, she tries hard until the very end. She fights for you. She invests all of her energy in nurturing your relationship and being there for you.

But, once she stops giving you chances to put right your mistakes, once she stops trying and fighting for you, once she goes silent, know that there is no turning back. Nothing you say or do will make her change her mind.

Therefore, don’t worry when she gets angry with you and fights with you. Instead, worry when she goes silent since her silence is more dangerous than her sarcastic comments, emotional outbursts, and angry reactions. Her silence is scarier than her words. Her silence is a sign that she is no longer afraid to let go of you. (2)

What Does A Man Think When A Woman Goes Silent?

The first thought that probably pops into your head when a woman goes silent is that she is giving you the silent treatment because she’s trying to control and manipulate you. But you’re wrong.

A smart, confident, and strong woman doesn’t have time to play such games. When you’re faced with a problem in your relationship, and you want to talk to her about it, she won’t ignore you. She won’t act like you’re invisible or unimportant. She won’t sweep the problem under the carpet. Instead, she’ll lay all her cards on the table and tell you what she thinks about it honestly and openly.

She’ll also tell you what’s bothering her. Perhaps it’s something that you did. Perhaps it’s something you said that hurt her feelings. She won’t keep quiet. She’ll tell you how she’s feeling. She’ll let you know she’s hurt.

A woman also goes silent in a relationship when she’s had enough of your fights and misunderstandings. When she’s had enough of your empty promises, flimsy excuses, and lies.

A woman goes silent in a relationship when she’s tired of arguing about the same things over and over again. When she’s tired of letting you prove yourself right and make her a scapegoat for your mistakes and failures.

When a woman goes silent, it’s because she thinks her opinions no longer mean to you. She thinks her feelings, needs, and desires are last on your list of priorities. She thinks that when she’s talking to you, you don’t truly listen to her.

When a woman goes silent, it’s because she needs to spend some time alone. She needs time to process her emotions, reorder her priorities, reconnect with herself, and think about what you can do together to resolve your problems.

Yes, when a woman goes silent in a relationship, it’s because all of these things, not because she’s giving you the silent treatment.

What To Do When She Goes Silent On You?

It can be upsetting and frustrating when a woman goes silent on you. The first thing you’ll probably do is berate her for her behavior, or maybe even go silent on her too. But this is wrong as it’ll only make the situation worse and create a further divide. In what follows, we’ve explained what you should do when a woman goes silent on you to get her to talk to you again without hurting her feelings.

1.Try To Understand Why She Went Silent On You

Try to understand why she’s upset. Perhaps you made her feel unheard. Perhaps you said something that hurt her feelings. Perhaps you behaved in a way that made her think that you prioritized your feelings, opinions, needs, and desires over her own.

If you can’t figure out the reason on your own, ask her directly why she’s upset with you. In this way, you’ll show her that you really care about how she feels.

2. Say “I’m Sorry” If You Hurt Her

If you’ve figured out how you may have upset her, apologize to her genuinely. Let her know you’re aware of your mistake and you’re truly sorry for it.

However, make sure your apology doesn’t only contain the words “I’m sorry.” Instead, try to explain why you behaved the way you did and say that you accept responsibility for your behavior. She may not forgive you right away, but she’ll greatly appreciate that genuine apology.

3. Don’t Berate Her

Don’t respond to her silent treatment by being angry with her and criticizing her. If you behave in this way, you may cause additional, unnecessary problems in your relationship, and you may make her become angrier with you.

If you feel like you’re too overwhelmed by resentment and anger, don’t approach her until you calm down. And when you do, you can try to talk to her to find out what the problem between the two of you is and ask if there’s anything you can do to fix the situation.

How Do You Know A Woman Is Done With You?

Women are not afraid to sacrifice their time, energy, and needs to fix things with the man they love. They’re willing to do anything in their power to protect their relationship. But, once a woman realizes that you’re no longer worth her time, energy, attention, and love, she’ll walk away. Because when a woman is done, she’s really done, and nothing you do will make her change her mind.

So, how do you know a woman is done with you?

In what follows, we’ve presented 30 signs that a woman doesn’t want you in her life anymore.

  • She no longer flirts with you.
  • She told you that she doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore.
  • She is taking you for granted.
  • She doesn’t answer you calls and text you back.
  • She doesn’t want you to text her, call her, or try to get her attention in any other way.
  • She doesn’t share details of her life with you anymore, such as how she spent the day, who she was with, or her plans for the weekend.
  • She talks less with you.
  • She no longer seems interested in your opinions and feelings.
  • Things she liked about you have started annoying her.
  • There’s no romance in your relationship anymore.
  • She no longer argues with you.
  • She no longer makes an effort to make things work between you.
  • She doesn’t care about your needs, desires, or what is important to you anymore.
  • She doesn’t seem interested in solving your relationship problems with you.
  • She’s less tolerant of your differences.
  • She keeps secrets from you.
  • She doesn’t kiss or hug you as often as she used to.
  • She doesn’t give you compliments anymore.
  • She often compares you to other guys.
  • She often disrespects you.
  • She spends more time with her friends than with you.
  • She focuses more on her career than you.
  • She kicked you off of her Facebook and Instagram profiles.
  • She doesn’t get jealous anymore.
  • You’ve stopped being intimate.
  • She is indifferent to you.
  • She no longer includes you in her future plans.
  • She seems unhappy around you.
  • She is dating someone else.

How Do You Know If She’s Coming Back?

If you recently broke up with your girlfriend and are wondering if she’s going to come back, know that getting an ex-girlfriend back is not easy. It takes patience and time. And it can be a long process. Fortunately, there are ways you can tell she is coming back, and we’ve presented some of them in what follows.

  • Her friends or family tell you that she feels bad about the breakup and misses you.
  • She lets you know that she thinks the breakup was a mistake and wishes your relationship didn’t end.
  • She hasn’t cut off contact with your friends or family yet. She still calls them, texts them, and hangs out with them.
  • Or maybe she still hasn’t cut off contact with you either. Whether she still texts you or just comments and likes your photos on Facebook or Instagram, being in touch with you may be a sign that she’s still not over you.
  • She makes excuses to see or talk to you in public.
  • You’ve already broken up with her once, and she came back. There’s a good chance she’ll do the same again.
  • Instead of waiting for her to come back, you’ve decided to take steps to get her back.
  • The good times outnumber the bad times in your relationship, which means her mind is filled with fond, pleasant memories.
  • She’s not dating someone new.
  • It wasn’t her who put an end to the relationship. It was you. If she didn’t want to end things at the time, chances are she still wants to be with you.

How Do You Know She Has Moved On?

Breakups can be hard and painful. But do you know what is even harder and more painful?

It’s the realization that she’s moved on while you’re still struggling with pain after the breakup and wishing she would come back. So, the question is: How can you tell for sure that she’s moved on?

In what follows, we’ve presented 11 signs your ex-girlfriend is totally over you and has moved on.

  • She cut off contact with you, including your friends and family.
  • She no longer calls you or texts you.
  • She blocked you on social media.
  • She told you that she’s over you.
  • She told you to find someone better when you broke up.
  • Your mutual friends told you that her feelings are gone.
  • She avoids going to places where she could bump into you in public.
  • She wouldn’t care if you are dating again.
  • She took all her stuff back and returned all of yours.
  • Her family and friends don’t talk to you.
  • She is dating someone else.
Men, Worry When A Woman Goes Silent, Not When She Fights With You