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Meteorologist Wears Her Toddler In A Swaddle While Reporting Weather Forecast


Susie Martin, a certified meteorologist and on-air weather person for the weather company Praedictix, has received the attention of thousands of social media users after footage of her and her one-year-old son was shared on the Facebook page of the company.

The footage features Martin strapping her toddler son to her back while reporting the national weather forecast.

Besides showing that parenting doesn’t stop only because a parent is at work, Martin had one more important reason why she decided to report the weather forecast this way. She said:

“I wanted to promote this wonderful tool that’s helped me as a mom and the bonding experience between mother and son. I suppose it’s a way for the baby to be comforted. It was nice for me personally because I could multitask while comforting my child.”

In addition to the thousands of favorable comments that the video of the weather forecast has received from social media users, Praedictix officials have also supported and praised Martin’s display.


And that’s not all, Dr. Jason Homme, assistant professor of pediatrics at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has also approved of the move. He said: “I think it’s reasonable to conclude that it can help with bonding for both for the parent and child. I think to promote it in this way is creative.”

And when it comes to Martin, she said she’s glad that the video went viral and she hopes that she inspires other parents to follow her example and bond with their toddlers with babywearing.

Martin said: “It does make me feel like a mom that can be very capable of doing things. That’s just the message that I love about it and I would say as a working mom, it’s nice to be able to have this tool with me to help me do my job.”

These words of Martin truly show how much she appreciates and enjoys babywearing and what an invaluable tool it’s been for her as a mom.