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Microdosing for Anxiety and Depression


Many people, young and old, face pressure, anxiety, or depression, with statistics reporting over 260 million people are afflicted by these medical conditions. Whether it is pressure from work, home life, relationships, or substance abuse, these are conditions that can seriously affect your life. Therefore, there is no shame in asking for help from qualified medical professionals or family and friends. Modern medicine and therapy have come a long way. Support is available through alternative therapy options such as meditation or yoga, which acts as a natural way to relieve the symptoms.

Another form of alternative treatment is herbal medicine, treating many physiological and physical ailments for thousands of years. Many people are reluctant to get a prescription from a doctor and are exploring the idea of using nature to help. For anxiety and depression, psilocybin retreats have become increasingly popular, as many combine yoga/meditation sessions and herbal medicine therapy. Psilocybin is a natural compound found in many fungi. Psilocybin has many names, such as “Magic Mushroom” or “Shrooms.” The substance can have a calming and relaxing effect when taken in small doses, called micro-dosing. It is deemed safe, and many health professionals are recognizing the benefits. Buying magic mushrooms online is an available option when consuming a minimal amount.

Is There a Difference Between Anxiety and Depression?

It is often confusing to differentiate between the two conditions as both have similar symptoms but there is a difference. Today we hear people say “I am depressed” or ”how depressing” almost every day, whether it is because their favorite sports team lost or even the weather conditions but this is just a general term and not to be confused with clinical depression. Anxiety can be brought on by pressure from work or a dangerous situation and both are natural emotions. Anxiety can often be attributed to:

  • Worrying about the long-term future of work or a relationship.
  • Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic is causing people to suffer from being anxious due to the uncertainties that the world faces.
  • Avoiding certain other people and certain situations.

Depression is certainly not to be ignored also. There are several signs that somebody or yourself may be depressed, these include:

  • A feeling of our own worth, often within work or family life, and have nothing to contribute.
  • Not having hope for the future and believing that things will not improve for yourself or others.
  • Thinking about death regularly can be a major sign of moderate or severe depression and is often the catalyst for suicide.
  • Not believing that changing because of a feeling of hopelessness and it is simply not worth trying.

These are just some of the more common symptoms and there is a difference but unfortunately, the two often go hand in hand with each other and if you or anybody you know is suffering from these conditions should seek professional medical help.

What are the Main Triggers for These Emotions?

For many people, depression and anxiety are a natural emotion, and during the course of our lives will be afflicted in some way by one or possibly both of these conditions. The majority of people don’t suffer badly and these emotions don’t become a problem, but for others, it can affect their daily life. For different people, some of these causes can trigger depression or anxiety, including:

  • Medical conditions: A feeling that you may be suffering from an underlying medical condition such as heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), narcotics withdrawal, chronic pain, and alcohol withdrawal.
  • The pressures of work: In today’s society we are under pressure to work long hours and for many it is essential to commute quite a long way to work making the working day even longer. This can lead to depression and to having anxiety attacks.
  • Hereditary: Both conditions can run in the family and if you feel like you have either depression or anxiety you should ask family members if they have suffered previously and inform your doctor if you believe this to be the case.
  • Trauma: Especially children who have witnessed or been involved in a traumatic event can be prone in life to anxiety or depression, the same applies to adults also.

The causes are not always obvious for these conditions, it could be something that happened many years ago or you are experiencing drug withdrawal or relationship issues may be experiencing. There is often no real cause that can be blamed, sometimes it is something that has accumulated over the course of time, it is also something not to be ashamed to admit to and talk to a friend who will be understanding or make an appointment with a medical professional. 

What are the Treatments for Anxiety and Depression?

As with any medical condition, there are potential treatments available. Anxiety disorder and depression treatment are usually undertaken in two ways. Either by Psychotherapy or Medication, there are also alternative medicines available in the form of psilocybin derived from mushrooms.

  • Psychotherapy: Counseling or talk therapy is often the preferred method for many people and can be extremely helpful in diagnosing the cause of the problems that create these emotions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most common technique and is very helpful in helping the patient to regain a normal life.
  • Medications: Antidepressants are commonly prescribed to patients by medical professionals and for anxiety, a drug called Buspirone is often the number one choice. 
  • Herbal medicine: With history on its side herbal products have been proven to help with mental illness and many people are looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines and microdosing psilocybin has become a popular choice for many.

As with any medical condition self-diagnosis is not a great idea, we have all been guilty of doing so but with mental health issues consulting a trained medical professional is essential. Saying nothing to anybody will not help and with the options that are available finding the best one for you, a friend, or a family member can immeasurably improve the quality of their life.


Anxiety and depression are a very real thing for many and the person suffering may not even be aware that they have a problem. The World Health Organization has predicted that these conditions will count as the second-highest medical condition by 2020. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people may be suffering from the long spells of staying at home missing family and friends, making a phone or video call to somebody can really make a difference to them and yourself.

With online sales flourishing during these troubling times microdosing psilocybin is an available option but do some online research first as to the dose that is required to help relieve the symptoms that you or someone you know may be experiencing.

Ultimately anxiety and depression should not be ignored, these are serious medical conditions and without qualified medical help can have a disastrous impact on people and their quality of life. Microdroping and modern medicine can work hand in hand to help improve and alleviate both underlying conditions suffered by many people all over the world.