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Psychology Says: You Might Be Better Off Single


Regardless of what society tells you, being single is not a bad thing. In fact, more and more people are choosing to remain single consciously, because they are truly happy being on their own. Anyway, not all people are destined for married life – some are better off single.

So, is the idea of blissful marriage a myth? One psychologist claims so, and also states that single life offers people an opportunity to “live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life.”

At the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Denver, professor Bella DePaullo, who studied single life almost twenty years, stated that the conventional view of single people is wrong.

This conventional view praises and supports marriage, while single people are often criticized, judged, and targeted as being selfish and isolated. Contrary to this belief, single people are not isolated. In fact, they are more attached to their families, friends, and colleagues than married people are.

According to DePaullo, this is because when people get married, they no longer have time or interest to connect and take part in other people’s lives. 

Moreover, the studies that compare married people with those who stayed single show that single life gives single people a more heightened sense of self-worth and self-determination.

Also, it enables them to experience self-growth and development as a person at the same time.  Another study noted that singles were less likely to experience negative emotions than married people.

In a marriage, if one person or both choose to deal with things on their own, could increase the likeability of them bringing negativity, or even frustration, into the marriage.

On the other hand, married people have over 1 000 federal laws on their side, many of which financial. And while single people do not have this type of advantages over married people, it is shocking the fact that single people are doing as well as they are.

DePaullo is now carrying out her own research in this matter. She hopes she’ll be able to break this stereotype that singles are less worthy than their married counterparts.

She also hopes that more and more people will recognize that the common belief that marriage is the main reason for happiness and health is both inaccurate and narrow-minded.  

It is not that being single is a piece of cake. Along with the advantages come the challenges that every single person faces.

For example, are they staying single by choice or other factors are included. And in addition to facing the clichés that come with choosing this kind of a lifestyle, they also miss out great government benefits.

Finally it is 21st century. At the end of the day it is really your choice. So, choose wisely, and do what makes you happy and fulfilled.