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‘Milk Is Good For Your Body’ Is The Biggest LIE Ever And This Is How The Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk


The campaign which encourages people to drink milk because it will do their body good is one of the major brainwashing campaigns.

Manipulating the public into believing that the calcium from milk is the sole source for building stronger bones is really a myth.

The fact is, there are many other non-dairy foods rich in calcium, for instance, green vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, kale. They can also help you maintain your bones healthy and they also match milk when it comes to their calcium content.

The dairy industry has to run ad campaigns to make sure that they won’t lose their high profits. And there are still no ads encouraging people to eat vegetables. This is because the profit from vegetables is much lower because the vegetables cost less than milk.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t drink milk.

Different studies find that drinking cow’s milk can increase the risk of cancer, most commonly prostate and ovarian cancer. This was released by PETA on June 30th, 2015.

Another study from the Swedish University Uppsala found that milk can actually damage the bones – not strengthen them.

Dairy cows are nowadays pumped with chemicals and hormones which are further transmitted into the milk we drink.

Moreover, the milk we drink contains also pus and blood which are successfully hidden rather than removed.

This means that the dairy industry is selling us a contaminated product on purpose.

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